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Gneiss's home is the Emerald Ocean though she began on the Hunter Ocean. Gneiss enjoys trophy hunting, running pillages, inn tarting, Cursed Isles, Atlantis/citadel runs, token Sailing, Squishat, spades, and her few collections.



  • Pirate meetup: Jfmaa September
  • Pirate meetup: Crypsis (Princeskairi) and Spookz May


  • Former fleet officer of Eternal Hydrae
  • Former Captain of Swordfighters
  • Former Monarch of Swordfighters
  • Memorized Hunter Ocean
  • Pirate meetup: Linx May 2010



Gneiss started off her pirate career on July 11, 2006. She was an independent pirate for quite some time, but eventually joined the crew Reality which was run by Ruiz and Mrmonkey. After the crew had gone dormant and with the departure of Mrmonkey, Gneiss was one of three members still in the once #1 crew. Eventually she left the crew Reality and was independent again.

August 12th, 2011 Gneiss Retired


  • Tall fetish
  • Ocean Master eggs (Gneiss has Galene, Artemis, Hypnos, Hera, Clotho, Oceanus, Prometheus, Apollo)
  • A house of every type

Large cats

  • Cougar
  • Summer 2009
Pets-Golden jaguar.png
  • Golden jaguar

Gold boxes

Pets-Ice leopard.png
  • Ice leopard
  • July 2015
Pets-Watermelon tiger.png
Pets-White tiger.png

Limited edition & design ships

  • Gold, Haunted, & Rogue Brigs
  • Cursed, Gold, & Rogue Sloops
  • Mark II Sloop (Mystery Box & Shipyards)
July August September
Olympus class sloop dock.png
Olympus class sloop
Explorer class sloop dock.png
Explorer class sloop
October November December
Undead class sloop dock.png
Undead class sloop
Tropic class sloop dock.png
Tropic class sloop
Scrooge class sloop dock.png
Scrooge class sloop
January February March
Arctic class sloop dock.png
Arctic class sloop
Lovestruck class sloop dock.png
Lovestruck class sloop
Torrid class sloop dock.png
Torrid class sloop
April July-Oct November
Funhouse class sloop dock.png
Funhouse class sloop
Legendary class sloop dock.png
Legendary class sloop
Howl class sloop dock.png
Howl class sloop
October October
Defiant class sloop dock.png
Defiant class sloop

Shadow class sloop dock.png
Shadow class sloop

Dark Seas only Dark Seas
Phantom class sloop dock.png
Phantom class sloop



  • Flowers
  • Skelly Bones


Portrait-item-Admiral Finius Egg.png
Admiral Finius Egg
Portrait-item-Azarbad the Great Egg.png
Azarbad the Great Egg
Portrait-item-Barnabas the Pale Egg.png
Barnabas the Pale Egg
Portrait-item-Brynhild Skullsplitter Egg.png
Brynhild Skullsplitter Egg
Portrait-item-Gretchen Goldfang Egg.png
Gretchen Goldfang Egg
Portrait-item-Madam Yu Jian Egg.png
Madam Yu Jian Egg
Portrait-item-Vargas the Mad Egg.png
Vargas the Mad Egg
Portrait-item-The Widow Queen Egg.png
The Widow Queen Egg

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