Pirates Wrath

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Pirates Wrath at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain None (formerly Oigg)
Senior Officer(s) Firenova
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation This End Up
Founded 7 June, 2007
Disbanded as of 21 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Pirates Wrath was a crew on the Hunter Ocean that flew the flag of This End Up. They sailed in the Orion Archipelago mainly although they were happy to accept members from any other archipelago in Hunter and had a collection of 11 ships.

Public statement

They may outnumber us, they may surround us by all sides. But at the end, it won't matter, because they will all face the Pirates Wrath. It would be a pleasure to have you in this fine crew. We are a friendly, family-like crew.

Crew rules

  1. Don't leave a ship during battle.
  2. Don't interfere with unlocked ship pillys.
  3. Ask permission to board for sloops.
  4. Listen to your officers.
  5. Have fun! =D

Rank requirements

Icon cabin person.pngCabin Person: Just ask one of the officers or above in the crew.
Icon pirate.pngPirate: Distingushed or Narrow Gunning.
Icon officer.pngOfficer: 4 Broads / Either Broad or Distinguished in Bnav.
Icon fleet officer.pngFleet Officer: 2 Broads, 3 Solid and Respected in Bnav / Owner of a ship.
Icon senior officer.pngSenior Officer: Captain's Trust & Approval.

You will need one of the above requirements to obtain that rank. In rare occasions, there will be exceptions to the rank requirements above but please don't count on it when asking an officer. Titles will be given as seen fit. Even with required stats, you may not be instantly promoted to fleet officer or senior officer.

Former officers, fleet officers, senior officers and captain

This is a list of all active commanding officers in Pirate Wrath:

Icon officer.png Officers Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officers Icon senior officer.png Senior Officers Icon captain.png Captain
Last Updated: 10th Febuary 2008

Ships owned

Pirate Wrath owned 11 ships: 7 sloops, 1 cutter, 1 dhow, 1 war brig and 1 war frigate.