Booching Blaggards

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Booching Blaggards at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Stonebaby of Rated Yarr
Member crew(s) The Alpha Predators, Dark Nightmare, The Dawntreaders, dead angels, Diablos of the Sea, The Legacy Of Nom, The Lion's Heart, Nasty Falcons, The Paramount Pirates, Rated Yarr, the wachters, The Warring Blaggards
Organization Democratic
Founded 13 February, 2010
Allies None
Wars None
Last updated on 3 October, 2016
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Booching Blaggards is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean.

Public statement

Rockin' the Docks and Shakin' the Lakes ... one booch at a time!

Extended public statement

Hoy mates! We be a bunch o scurvy pirates, lazy landlubbers and booching blaggards who value our freedom, independence, cookies and rum above all! We be doing what we think be best and we be the best at it! Yarr! Bnavers, barrelstoppers (the sweet kind), sailors and dock tarts all welcome! All you have to do is be nice, ready ta fight fer yer mates and gif the royals all ur poe! Take what you can give nothing back!

"Luck often enough, will save a man, if his courage hold!" -- The 13th Warrior.

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Booching Blaggards was founded on February 13th, 2010 by a scallywag pirate named Xule and his trusty first mate, Alniyat, both of the crew Rated Arr (formerly known as Pirates of the Dark Sea), with full emphasis on creating a flag that is free to have as much fun as a pirate can stand on the Midnight Ocean. With the joining of the crew Ocean's Shadow and its captain, Rhapzody, the flag quickly began moving up the flag fame chart and within one month, the flag had reached eminent status and has since achieved #2 ranking with illustrious status. On November 21st, 2010, Ocean's Shadow disbanded and its members joined the Imperial Golden Dragons. Booching Blaggards reached #1 flag fame ranking, for the first time, on 23rd November, 2010.

Leadership team

The monarch is not considered the "ruler" of the flag, but is the figure head for the flag and is responsible for carrying out the flag's decisions. Flag decisions are made with the help of all royal and titled members of the flag along with input received by all other flagmates. All final decisions are then discussed and voted on by the monarch and royals. Royal members are the work-mules of the flag heading up the flag's treasury, events team and blockading team. Titled members are encouraged to help the royals out, but are not required to do so in order to hold a titled position. All royal and titled positions are given out based on their activity within the flag.

Current monarch, royals and titled members:


They are not a highly organized flag and have no set of rules that they strictly follow at all times. Their finances are structured so that they can cover whatever means of fun they are feeling like having on any given day or week. And their leadership team is set up in such a way that works best for them. Their monarch is their leader--not their ruler--and as long as he keeps the flag happy, they will follow him anywhere.

Their mission

There are many aspects to this game and they like to explore all of them! From events to blockades and pillaging to the parlor tables and every thing in between! But their main mission is this:

To see just how much fun they can have...or go broke trying!

Where they stand

Their stance on "official" allies

They do not have official alliances because of how the game mechanics work which would hinder their ability to explore and participate in all areas of the game. However, those pirates wishing to speak with the flag about an unofficial alliance, should feel free to contact the monarch or royalty to set up a meeting to discuss the possibility.

Their stance on war declarations

They don't go around randomly pushing the war declaration button on random flags, but harassing the flag or any of its members too much could land another flag a war declaration... and if it returns the war declaration, they will be more than happy to sink all that flag's ships! However, pirates feeling a little adventurous and who would like some PvP sinking fun, should feel free to issue a war declaration upon the flag--be it friendly or not friendly!


Flag shoppes/stalls

Below is a list of all shoppes and stalls owned by flag mates:

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Type Name Island Status
Icon distillery.png
Phakey's Distilling Stall Eta Island Owner
Icon shipyard.png
Bloodydeath Federation Ferries Delta Island Manager
Icon weavery.png
Bloodydeath's Weaving Stall Vernal Equinox Island Owner
Icon tailor.png
Icon apothecary.png
Icon iron monger.png
Iron Monger
Stonebaby's Ironworking Stall Turtle Island Owner

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