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Familiars Owned

Tlzallen, also called Allen, is the founder and captain of the crew, The Dawntreaders of the flag Booching Blaggards.

Contributions and Awards

Current Crew
  • The Dawntreaders / Booching Blaggards
  • Captain
  • Lord of the Flag

Previous Crews / Flag / Rank
  • The Dawntreaders / Booching Blaggards / Captain (Present)
  • Bootleggers / Anchor Management / Senior Officer
  • The Dawntreaders / Rising Pheonix / Captain
  • The Dawntreaders / Silver Dawn / Captain
  • The Cartographers / Silver Dawn / Fleet Officer
  • Kiss Me Mate / Silver Dawn / Senior Officer
  • Ransack Marauders / Silver Dawn / Fleet Officer

Island Governorships
  • Eta Island (Twice)
  • Cleopatra's Pearls
  • Tinga

Accomplishments of Note
  • No. 1 Battle Navigator (Spring 2010)
  • Ultimate Battle Navigator (Summer 2010)
  • Admiral in the Eta Navy
  • Three-time sloop race winner (various formats)
  • Screwy Screenies - 5th Place [1]


In June 2010, Tlzallen (aka Allen) joined the flag Booching Blaggards at the encouragement of good friends Maded and Rhapzody. He was granted the title of Lord and made the flag's 'Old Salt', advising the flag leadership on various matters and assisting with training.

When the flag acquired Tinga in January 2011, he was named its Governor. He set about the businesses of revitalizing the island's economy via trade and monthly contests.

Just prior to this new adventure in the game, Allen attained two of his long-time goals by earning the Ultimate and No. 1 trophies for Battle Navigation. He attained a third of his goals when he won his first familiar, a monkey, in the Familiar Rumble Boxing Tournament Oct. 5, 2010. He has since also acquired a blue/tan parrot from his hearty, Springheel.

On June 16, 2008, Allen acquired a blue/bronze crab from the depths of an Atlantean Outpost. Allen named her Deirdremac, after a dear friend who lost her life in the summer of 2007.

Past Biographical History

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Renamed Vessels

Renamed/Themed Vessels
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Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
War brig dock.png
Battling Burro Ridged Crestfish White Christmas Fish Eternally Harrowed Sole Golden Dawn Treader
Named after my High School mascot Named after my hometown Christmas Vessel Halloween Vessel Named in honor of the Narnian Vessel

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