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Familiars Won
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Vestic's Kitty
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Flag Title

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"I love you"
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Rhapzody is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean. She also plays under the names Rhapz and Symphoni.



Rhapzody was created as an alt character on the Midnight Ocean on October 24th, 2008. She first joined the crew the Sea Jewels where she learned most of her pirate etiquette as well as learned how to pillage successfully on her very first sloop, The Popular Mako. She made lots of hearty's and new friends and explored much of the Midnight Ocean as well. While her stay in the crew Sea Jewels was a tremendous learning experience for her, she still was unhappy and left the crew on good terms.

She joined the crew Life's A Booch in December 2008 and was quickly promoted to Senior Officer. While with the crew Life's A Booch, she, along with one other SO, learned how to manage a crew as her Captain,Pomplymoose, was often not online. She also learned how to manage her first stall, Pomplymoose's Distilling Stall which was located on Byrne Island in the Diamond Archipelago. Soon after she joined the crew, the flag Anchor Management, under the monarch rule of Piroxy, joined the crew to their flag. Though Anchor Management was not the first flag that Rhapzody's main character had flown under, it was the first flag she actually made friends in and payed attention to and learned the most from in regards to how a flag is operated. After becoming tired of running the crew primarily alone and running the distillery alone, she left the crew and set off to follow her heart...and created her own crew.

Ocean's Shadow was created on January 2, 2009. A few of the original starting crew members were Bekspapa (First SO), Djlucky (SO), Mytic (First Officer), Peglegjerrel and Haleebreanna (First CP's). Soon the crew began to grow and some pirates began leaving their crews to join Ocean's Shadow. This led to false accusations that Ocean's Shadow was "Poaching from other crews". Rhapzody took her first stand as captain and denied the accusations and went straight to the source of the rumor and put a stop to it. This ended the friendly terms between the Sea Jewels and Ocean's Shadow. Ocean's Shadow operates under an autocratic system and believes in paying jobbers via "Jobbers Delight" as all jobbers work hard to earn PoE and shouldn't have to depend solely on Sea Monster Hunts and Flotillas as the only means by which they can earn good PoE. Ocean's Shadow's also takes great pride in respecting oneself and others first and foremost. Though puzzling and good stats are important, the crew decided that having fun and being oneself should be equally had by all as well. Driven by encouragement, fun, and a strong desire to make a difference, the crew reached Illustrious fame on January 29th, 2009 at #15 on the crew fame chart and continued to rise until February 10th where it peaked out in the #2 position. The crew has since steadily stayed within the Eminent-Illustrious crew fame structure.

On January 7th, 2009 Rhapzody, upon her new crew's desires, created the flag Misfits Inc. Operating under a monarch rule, Rhapzody become the first Monarch under the flag. Djlucky, Erotika, Poopsies, Realadonis and Dastu were the first Royals of the flag. Mytic and Bekspapa were the first Titled members. After creating the flag, establishing leadership within the flag structure and creating an easy to use Flag Forum, Misfits Inc set out to sail the vast Midnight Oceans. on January 20, 2009, Misfits Inc debuted on the flag fame chart with Eminent Fame at #34. On February 10th it peaked out in the #14th position. It remained steadily in the Eminent fame until the crew Ocean's Shadow left the Misfits Inc flag.

On May 31st, 2009, Rhapzody moved her crew back to her old home flag, Anchor Management, where she successfully held a titled and a royal position in the flag. An unfortunate incident occurred that caused the crew to leave the AM flag on January 10, 2010. Rhapzody joined her crew to Blood and Roses flag on January 20th, 2010. Finally, on March 12, 2010, Rhapzody and her crew found a home in the flag Booching Blaggards.

Rhapzody opened 2 stalls in the Ruby Archipelago. She owns a distilling stall on Midsummer, and a weavery on Cranberry Island. Recently, she expanded her merchanting abilities and opened 2 new stalls: a tailoring stall and a weavery stall both located on Vernal Equinox in the Sapphire Archipelago and moved her shipbuilding stall on Cranberry to Ostreum Island in the Pearl Archipelago. All her stalls are productive and provide local jobs for her crewmates and others with great wages and benefits, the stalls also provide a place for crewmembers to hang out and spend time together as well.

Rhapzody has taken great pride in her most prized accomplishments...a happy productive crew and her Crew/Flags reputation throughout the Midnight Ocean as being respectful, fun and good to jobbers.

Together, with her awesome crewmates, she is destined to make her mark on the Midnight Ocean.

She won a familiar in the Crimson and Jade Promotion, named it Melody and later sold it to a pirate named Goofytoo.


Symphoni is the captain and lookout of the crew Misfits of Midnight and queen of the flag Misfits Inc on the Midnight Ocean.

Symphoni is the alt of Rhapzody and became captain of the crew in November 2009. It is the alt crew of Ocean's Shadow and was created in an attempt to regain control of the flag 'Misfits Inc' that Rhapzody created. Rhapzody is the captain of the crew, Ocean's Shadow.

Operation: Captain's Hat

On May 6th, 2010, Rhapzody put "Operation Captain's Hat" into effect when she passed the captain's hat to Vestic. "Operation Captain's Hat" is a system she devised to give other trusted crewmates an opportunity to share the captain's responsibilities by allowing them to take turns wearing the hat on a month to month basis. Those she currently shares the hat with are: Vestic, Thard, and Annmoo.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Was the only captain of Ocean's Shadow Crew from Jan. 2, 2009 - May 6, 2010.
  • Was queen of Misfits Inc flag.
  • Was lady and princess of Anchor Management flag.
  • Currently princess of Booching Blaggards flag.
  • Hosts "Sloops in the Shadows" ocean-wide event.

  • Icon Villa.png Owner of a villa at Supervillians on Ostreum
  • Icon Cabin.png Owner of a cabin at Frey's Flop House on Jorvik
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Cocohuts on Papaya
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Jabba's Hut on Xi
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Shakotay on Delta
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at The Mouse Pad on Cranberry
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Novel Hovel's on Epsilon
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Mostly Homeless on Beta
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Shack Sweet Shack on Alpha
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at The Manger on Endurance
  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Coral Cabana's on Zeta
  • Icon Townhouse roommate.png Roommate of Vestic's Town House at Heavenly Homes on Endurance Island
  • Icon Cottage roommate.png Roommate of Vestic's Cottage at Cottage Cheese on Epsilon

Shoppes and Stalls

Below is a list of shoppes and stalls that Rhapzody takes pride in merchanting.

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Ocean Trinkets

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Cursed Isles Trinkets

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Atlantean Trinkets

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Other Trinkets

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