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Casdin is a pirate on the Cerulean Ocean and prior to the ocean merge existed on the Midnight Ocean. He is a senior officer of the crew Rated Yarr and a member of the flag Booching Blaggards. He lives on Spring Island.


Casdin joined Puzzle Pirates Late in 2010, After playing amongst other oceans he decided that it was time to settle on one ocean and he chose Midnight. He moved through several different crews and flags before deciding the choice of The Paramount Pirates of the flag Booching Blaggards was the right one for a player of his abilities. Not long after his captain went dormant and he moved to Rated Arr a crew he had been very close with during his time in the flag.

He can be regularly found playing his alt Nidsac/Casden/Casdon and whatever other way he can figure to disfigure his name, as well also on Cerulean.


  • Overall and Sailing winner of "Decisions, Decisions." (Alchemistry, Sailing, Bilging and Shipwrightery) familiar competition (red monkey) (30/6/12)
  • Overall and Sailing winner of "Pestle & Zoom" (Alchemistry and Sailing) familiar competition (orange/tan parrot) (12/10/11).
  • Winner of " 'Silenc'E' is Golden'" overall incredible and bilge incredible (Alchemistry, Sailing and Bilging) (26/8/11)
  • Won 3 gators from Cursed Isles (20/07/11), (27/07/11) & (unknown date).
  • Has a pegleg and a hook from over 250+ sinks and will one day fulfill his dream of getting an eyepatch :) (no interest in smurf hickie).

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Distilling advice for beginners made by Casdin

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