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  • owner of Apothing Stall, opened Feb 2007


Amykate started her piraty life on the calm and balmy Midnight ocean, where she rose to the rank of senior officer in the crew Moonlitwake of the fair flag Moonlighting. During her time there she trained a young pirate by the name of Micheru, who showed some promise.

It was during her term on midnight that Amykate fell head-over-heels in love. The object of her affections was her first ever stall - Amykate's weaving stall on Spring Island.

Many pillages and much rum later Amykate wondered over to the new and strange ocean of Viridian, where she bumped straight into Micheru, the young whippersnapper she had trained so many moons ago, now at the dizzy height of captain and king. Within 30 seconds Micheru had offered Amykate the position of senior officer, first mate and officer trainer with the crew Dragon's Horde.

Real life overtook Micheru so Amykate graduated to the post of captain to the delight of her fiercely loyal crew.

The crew later made the decision to join the flag RiddleMakers where they became a force to be reckoned with. Whilst Amykate took a well deserved holiday in Australia the then-current monarch of RiddleMakers went AWOL. By the time Amykate returned she had been voted in as queen by a convincing majority.

The crew and flag worked their way up the ranks, once the flag was number 1 Amykate felt that her work was done - she had built an excellent, solid flag with a friendly feel, all was left was to get an island.

Real life intervened at this point, so Amykate handed over the monarch's crown to Onemurdoc.

Amykate continued to captain the crew Dragon's Horde and run her ever-expanding empire of shops and stalls until her semi-retirement mid 2007 where she handed the captaincy over to Simbah, an amazing pirate.

Amy continues to be a member of Dragon's Horde and Minister of Technology for her flag.

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