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Tikao is captain and diplomat of Dark Horizon, and queen of the flag Brink of Dawn on the Meridian Ocean. She makes her home on the lovely island of Windward Vale.


Having washed up on the shores of Terra Island on the Viridian Ocean in early November of the year 2005, Tikao wondered around aimlessly in the strange pirate world. She joined a crew that she now can't remember, but after checking the notice board and seeing an interesting name, she joined a sloop pillage with Midnight Aurora. Sufficiently impressing them with her puzzling and not asking when they were porting, she was asked to join. She learned alot while climbing through the ranks and eventually was made senior officer. However, she was spending more time with her friends in Brethren of the Coast and decided that it would be better to move to that crew.

After a few months as senior officer, she decided to join her good friend, Gagne's, new crew, Imperial Hunted. Again as senior officer, she and Gagne moved the crew to a couple different flags before finding their home with RiddleMakers. In December of 2006, she was made a royal in RiddleMakers, and when Gagne decided to step down as captain of Imperial Hunted, Tikao was asked to take the helm. In March of 2007, Imperial Hunted was changed to Dark Horizon. After being a royal for several months in RiddleMakers and briefly in Collateral Damage, Tikao and her crew of merry pirates decided it was time for their own flag, and in December of 2007 Brink of Dawn was formed with Tikao as monarch.

Tikao is infamous for her flirtatious behavior on the ocean.

Tikao is also an avatar, banner and blockade intent artist.

Achievements and accomplishments


Dark Horizon Brink of Dawn Ghosts of the Seven Seas

Blockade intents

Flame of Azarbad Garden Cradle Spectre Dragonslayers Outlaw