Dark Horizon

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Dark Horizon at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Tikao
Senior Officer(s) Captaincorn, Cyanos, Montarsor, Ziplock
Organization All opinions count
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Brink of Dawn
Founded 7 August, 2006
Last updated on 16 April, 2012
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Dark Horizon is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew flies the flag of Brink of Dawn.

Dark Horizon

Out of the dark... dare ye meet us at the Horizon!


Dark Horizon was originally founded under the name Imperial Hunted by Gagne on August 7, 2006 and was initially a member of the flag Imperial Coalition. Gagne was soon joined by his long-time friend from Midnight Aurora, Tikao. Together they made the difficult decision to leave their beloved home in Imperial Coalition to make a new start under the flag of El Cazador.

When their close friends in El Cazador decided to leave and start their own flag, Unnatural Disaster, Imperial Hunted decided it might be a good move and joined them. However, they soon decided that RiddleMakers could offer them a better chance at growing the crew.

Gagne and Tikao were thrilled when Ziggzoey decided to join them as an senior officer and Imperial Hunted grew in fame, both in the ocean and in the flag. In December of 2006, Tikao became Princess of RiddleMakers, further solidifying the crew's role in the flag.

In January of 2007, Gagne decided that he needed more time for real life interests and turned over the captaincy to Tikao. Tikao's beloved, Lawson, joined as a senior officer in order to support the crew and take over training of officers. The crew articles were then rewritten to reflect the crew's new mission to become a semi-elite crew, developing and training crew members to become better officers capable of running successful pillages and filling in on any station needed.

On March 23, 2007, the crew decided to change the name to Dark Horizon, a name that felt more in line with the direction they wished to take the crew. They then added Captaincorn as a Senior Officer, and most recently, having acquired several new officers and merging with their old friends from the Amigos, promoted Phaedroa and Eyeore to the position of Senior Officer.

In December of 2007 after a brief move to Collateral Damage, the crew felt it was time to finally start their own flag, and on December 15 formed Brink of Dawn!

On January 25, 2008, the crew achieved #19 on the crew fame list!

Public Statement

Out of the dark... do ye dare meet us at the Horizon...

Crew Articles

Article ONE - Pillaging Etiquette

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO LAZING OR LEAVING DURING BATTLE! If ye don't work, ye don't get paid! If ye need to leave during a pillage, let the XO know and disembark BEFORE the battle commences (ye will be paid for the battles ye fought in). If we find ye lazing on the ship or ye are constantly booching yer puzzle, ye will be made to walk the plank. Abandoning ship during a battle or being planked automatically gets you (-1) rating in the booty divide, meaning less pieces o' eight (PoE) fer ye and more fer us!
  2. Do not ask to port, only the bnavver decides when to port. The booty will be divided only at the END of the pillage, but ye will get paid even if ye are not on the ship or online.
  3. Do not ask to become a full member of the crew until the end of the pillage (unless ye need to leave early).
  4. Do not ask to gun unless ye are at least Grand Master.

Article TWO - PTB

  1. Regardless of your rank (greenie cabin person to weathered captain), all mates must ask permission to board (PTB) any ship (e.g., PTB Sexy Puffer?). Wait fer a reply, if none is granted, the ship is either in battle, full, busy memming routes, or the crew aboard is too occupied to have time to answer. If ye board a ship without permission, ye will be planked immediately. This rule does not apply to OPEN BOARDING calls for War Brigs.

Article THREE - Pirate Etiquette

  1. Be HELPFUL and RESPECTFUL to all mates, be they crew, flag or jobbers. Many pirates are new to the game and need some encouragement and a friendly face to help them on their way.
  2. Orders from higher ranking Officers should always be followed, particularly whilst ye be pillaging. There is a reason ye are whistled to a station.
  3. Spamming on crew chat, or asking yer mates for poe is not allowed. Having fun on crew chat is always allowed!

Promotion Requirements

Dark Horizon crew members are expected to always support their fellow crew and flag members... therefore, ranks are a sign of your accomplishment, commitment and attitude. We encourage our members to practice and improve yer piracy skills, the better ye puzzle the better the BOOTY!

  • Cabin person: Any mate who has proven their worth on a pillage is welcome to become a full member. This means being a good jobber, staying on your puzzle, doing as yer XO asks and not being a nuisance to anyone in the crew or on the ship.
  • Pirate: Ye must have at least BROAD experience in carp, bilge, sails, and guns and at least a DISTINGUISHED rating in two piracy skills, including guns. All newly appointed pirates will enter the Officer-training course.
  • Officer: Ye must have obtained SOLID experience in ALL jobbing stations, hold at least a MASTER rating in all piracy skills, including gunning, and have gained mutual respect among the higher ranking Officer staff. Yer Officer training will continue and ye are allowed to take yer own sloop out for pillages as long as one FO, SO, or the Captain is present. War Brigs may only be taken out by officers with prior approval by an SO or the Captain, and must have a seasoned bnavver aboard.
  • Fleet officer: These mates must have proven themselves to be trustworthy to the crew. Mates will be considered for this rank on a case-by-case basis and discussion among the current FOs, SOs, and the Captain. Ye must also show that ye can lead a pillage.
  • Senior officer: As our crew is oligarchic, SOs are in a position of leadership just like the Captain, therefore, only highly trusted and proven mates will be considered for SO.