Beta Island (Cerulean)

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Beta Island
Favicon.png Beta Island on the Cerulean Ocean
Large island in the Sapphire Archipelago
Beta Island (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Fierce Felines  
Governed by   Gata
Navy color   Aqua
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Turanga Leela
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Rey Skywalker
Outpost Medium Large
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Beta Island is a large island in the Sapphire Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Remora Island, Verdant Atoll, and Iris Island. There is also one extinct route from the island: The Horseshoe Crabs.

Natural resources

This island spawns sugar cane, wood, and yarrow. They can be bid at the market.


Beta's buildings are named after Science-Fiction books, films, television series, or concepts.

Return of the Red Dye (bazaar)
Enamel Mine (upgraded)
To Infinity and Beyond (explorers' hall)
Dime Bandits (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Life, the Universe, and Everything
Logan's Rum (bazaar)
Rumaround (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Lots in Space
Something Wicker This Way Comes (bazaar)
Sofa Wars IV A New Hope Chest (upgraded)
Altered Estates (right-facing estate)
Cottage Bebop (left-facing cottage)
Godzvilla (left-facing villa)
Mostly Homeless (left-facing shack)
Phantom Tollhouse (right-facing townhouse)
Space Halls (left-facing pirate hall)
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Iron monger 
Ore of the Worlds (bazaar)
Dreams Of Steel (upgraded)
Event Ore-izon (upgraded)
Lightsabers (upgraded)
Space Balls
Unwashed Balls (upgraded)
Khatovar (upgraded)
Starship Sloopers (bazaar)
Survival of the Friggest (upgraded)
The Skiff Element (upgraded)
A Frockwork Orange (bazaar)
Cloth Encounters (bazaar)
The Fabric Of Time (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
I, Rumbot (upgraded distillery)
Loom Is a Harsh Mistress (upgraded weavery)
Mouse on the Loom (upgraded weavery)
Revenge of the Ship (upgraded shipyard)
Tinted AE (upgraded apothecary)
The Wraps of Khan (upgraded tailor)
Hubble Expeditions (explorers' hall)
Endless Hue (upgraded apothecary)
Bahrenheit for Fifty Rum (upgraded distillery)
Brave Brew World (upgraded distillery)
Armchair of Darkness (upgraded furnisher)
Millennium Falchion iron monger
Battlesloop Galactica (upgraded shipyard)
Wind Dancers (shipyard)
A Stitch In Time (taylor upgraded)
There Is No Spool (taylor upgraded)


Beta Island was originally located on the Midnight Ocean. The name "Beta," like all of the Midnight Ocean's capital islands, comes from a Greek letter: Beta (Β β).

The Beta Island monument is located directly northwest of the palace.

Beta I - 2004-10-09, Water Sleeps defeated Allied Foundation in a nine round sinking blockade to colonize the island.

The main phase of building construction finished in January 2005. Water Sleeps celebrated this by throwing the One Million Poe Beta Blast[1] party in February 2005, giving away a full one million poe in cash and prizes (including the deed to a weavery shoppe, Mouse on the Loom).

Beta II - 2007-07-07, Water Sleeps successfully defended Beta from the Brigand King, The Widow Queen, in a three round sinking blockade. The Widow Queen and all her fleet had fallen during round two, leaving round three uncontested.

Beta III - 2007-10-27, Water Sleeps successfully defended Beta from the Brigand King, Admiral Finius, in a three round sinking blockade.

Beta IV - 2008-10-26, Folie Circulaire defeated Water Sleeps in a four round sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Beta V - 2009-05-23, Folie Circulaire successfully defended against Don't Panic in a four round sinking blockade. The blockade was run simultaneously with Delta IX.

Beta VI - 2009-09-27, The Brigand King Azarbad the Great defeated Folie Circulaire in a three round, uncontested blockade to take control of the island. Folie Circulaire ceded the island prior to disbanding.[2]

Beta VII - 2009-10-04, Anchor Management defeated Azarbad the Great and Water Sleeps in a five round sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Beta VIII - 2010-04-03, Anchor Management successfully defended against Fallen in a four round sinking blockade.

Beta IX - 2010-04-24, Anchor Management successfully defended against Bipolar in a four round non-sinking blockade.

Beta X - 2010-07-17, Bipolar successfully defeated Anchor Management in a three round sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Beta XI - 2010-09-25, Bipolar defeated Fallen in a four round sinking blockade to defend the island.

Beta XII - 2011-10-09, Bipolar successfully defended against True Passion in a four round sinking blockade.

Beta XIII - 2012-01-28, Bipolar successfully defended against Dies Irae in a five round non-sinking blockade.

<Some blockades happened>

2021-10-03, Fierce Felines takes Olive from Black Veil in a five round blockade.