Iris Island (Cerulean)

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Iris Island
Favicon.png Iris Island on the Cerulean Ocean
Outpost island in the Sapphire Archipelago
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Controlled by   Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness  
Governed by   Admiral Finius
Navy color   Green
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Iris Island is an outpost island located in the Sapphire Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Beta Island, Uxmal Island, and Vernal Equinox. There is also one extinct route from the island: The Horseshoe Crabs.

Natural resources

This island spawns iron, lorandite, and papagoite.


Iris Lens itself to Cornea Puns


Iris Island was originally located on the retired Midnight Ocean. Iris is named for its distinctive shape, which resembles the iris of an eye.

In July 2008, control of Iris was given over to the Brigand King Brynhild Skullsplitter in preparation for opening the island to blockades.

Iris I - 2008-07-26, Midnight Marauders defeated Brynhild Skullsplitter in a three round sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Iris II - 2009-01-31, Suntne Vacci Laeti defeated Don't Panic to take control of the island in a three round non-sinking blockade. Suntne Vacci Laeti had planned to take control from Midnight Marauders in an Ocean Master transfer, but was forced to defeat Don't Panic in a blockade after Don't Panic dropped a chest to contest the transfer. Don't Panic pulled out after the second round, leaving the third round uncontested.

Iris III - 2010-02-07, Suntne Vacci Laeti successfully defended against Military of Defence in a three round non-sinking blockade. Military of Defence withdrew from the blockade during the second round.

Iris IV - 2010-04-03, Suntne Vacci Laeti defended against Legends in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Iris V - 2010-07-11, Suntne Vacci Laeti successfully defended against Night and Day. Night and Day withdrew halfway through the first round of the blockade, and the Ocean Masters cancelled the blockade at the end of round two.

Iris VI - 2010-11-22, Bipolar defeated Mystical Gumtree in a three round non-sinking blockade to take control of the island. Suntne Vacci Laeti ceded the island to Bipolar and supported the flag in the blockade.[1]

Iris VII - 2011-07-09, Bipolar defended against Jolly Rodger's Curse in a three round sinking blockade.

Iris VIII - 2012-03-03, Bipolar returned Iris to the original owner, Brynhild Skullsplitter of Ice Wyrm's Brood, in an uncontested 3 round blockade.

Iris 2017, 01.08.2017 - Undertow won the island 3-1 against a Babylon ally, Bathrobe Army. The ruling flag did not show up to defend but had Babylon defend for them in Round 1. Rounds 2-4 were point sits.

Iris II 2017, 01.15.2017 - Babylon regained island 3-0 in an uncontested point sit. Undertow made a transfer intent post where Iris was to be transferred to Crabcat and the flag The Hermitcrabcats. However, Babylon interfered the transfer and claimed Iris. A few weeks later, Babylon scuttled the island to Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness.