Anchor Management

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Anchor Management at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Piroxy of Bootleggers
Member crew(s) Anchors Aweigh, Bootleggers, Ironside, Midnight Maniaks, The Warrior's of Avalon
Founded 8 October, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 20 January, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Anchor Management is a defunct flag on the Cerulean Ocean.

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Recruiting Crews

Anchor Management is ready to welcome crews of like minded mates who want to join them in their adventures and pirating. They are offering a fresh start to anyone wanting to get away from the negative histories of the ocean. They hope that their new structure will allow for serious pirates to take on some fun roles without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

The flag's goals are to puzzle and play together to the best of its members' abilities. They have ideas for the future and would love to work with other crews toward some common goals and ideas.

Want to check them out? Come pillage with them. Come play with them. Come talk to them. Meet the monarch Piroxy, any royal (Bluejeanbaby, Impy, Redbessflint, and Spearhalk), titled member (Anchovi, Edthemiffed, Faranae), or any of their wonderful crewmates and get to know them.

So come Anchor with them.

Flag Articles <--Check out their flag articles on how to join them and look around their forums to see more of what they are about.

Flag Colors

Green and white

AM Stalls and Shoppes

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Type Crew Pirate Island Shoppe
Icon apothecary.png
Bootleggers Spearhalk Delta Island Neelixer of Life
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island Hocus Pocus Potions
Icon distillery.png
Bootleggers Spearhalk Beta Island Brave Brew World
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island
Bootleggers Spearhalk Jorvik Island
Ironside Arrlene Papaya Island Mango Mash
Icon furnisher.png
Bootleggers Lanya Spring Island
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island Interior Engineering
Icon iron monger.png
Bootleggers Bricee Spring Island
Bootleggers Lovelie Jorvik Island Grendel's Arms
Bootleggers Piroxy Papaya Island
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island Blackettsmith
Icon shipyard.png
Bootleggers Lanya Spring Island
Bootleggers Piroxy Turtle Island
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island
Icon tailor.png
Bootleggers Piroxy Papaya Island
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island Watt Eta Ye Needle
Icon weavery.png
Anchors Aweigh Luvar Jorvik Island
Bootleggers Bodega Papaya Island
Bootleggers Lovelie Islay of Luthien
Bootleggers Lovelie Spring Island Tangled Webs
Bootleggers Spearhalk Eta Island Loominescence

Blockades at a Glance

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 4 October 2009 Beta VII Attacking Yes The All-Consuming Flame vs. Anchor Management, Water Sleeps 1:3:1 Won island
2 27 March 2010 Remora XIII Attacking Yes Fallen vs. Anchor Management 0:3 Won island
3 3 April 2010 Beta VIII Defending Yes Anchor Management vs. Fallen 3:0 Defended island
4 24 April 2010 Beta IX Defending No Anchor Management vs. Bipolar 3:1 Defended island
5 24 July 2010 Beta X Defending No Anchor Management vs. Bipolar 0:3 Lost island

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