Dies Irae

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Dies Irae at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Vova of Reign
Member crew(s) Beautiful Mess, Cannonball JunkiesII, Capsized, Dies Irae, Forbidden Dreams, The Lazy Eight, Mutiny, Navel Injustice, Nice Shoes, Radical Dreamers, Reign, R L Z, Sauce, Skellie Tears, The Wailers, Winter Armada, Yearning Yabbies
Island controlled

Jorvik Island

Founded 15 December, 2005
Allies The Coalition, Midnight Yacht Club, Rising Spirits, Tyr's Own, Urusei Yatsura
Wars Babylon, Obsessed, A Song For The Deaf, Sushicide
Last updated on 6 October, 2016
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Dies Irae is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean.


Dies Irae ('Day of Wrath') was founded by the crews The Curse of the Black Pearl and Skellie Tears in December 2005 with Tarnum as monarch. He passed the crown to Vova in May 2006 when he decided to move to Hunter Ocean. Just one month later, Dies Irae entered its first blockade as a contender, one of the many to come.

Public statement

Thanks to those who came out for Turtle, stay tuned for more boomy action from DI soon!.

Dies Irae, translated means "Day of Wrath". This flag was founded by the Curse of the Black Pearl and Skellie Tears to move towards a common goal. To bring a path of power and awe upon the ocean and those that oppose us.

Please feel free to contact any royal to discuss any alliance or crew joining proposals.

This flag is founded on well established hard working crews, and in turn, will only take on other well established hard working crews. If you are interested in joining our flag, please contact any of the royals.

Although we are hard working, we are also fun loving individuals and we offer pillaging fun for all of our members.

If you wish an alliance, please contact us, but know this, we will play the political game, but not with everyone.

We believe that at times, actions speak louder than words. We will PvP crews and flags that attempt to form alliances without first contacting us to discuss the proposal. In addition, any flag or crew attempting to dock press our members will face PvP fury as well.

Shops and stalls

Flag members are encouraged to buy and work at the shop and stalls owned by the flag and members of the flag.

Click [show] to view the complete stall and shoppe list
Type Name Island
Icon apothecary.png
Cheshlonian Panaceas Turtle Island
Elyzabeth's Apothecary Stall Turtle Island
Icon distillery.png
Feeling Groggy Eta Island
Rum Shell Still-Skin Turtle Island
Sandrana's Distilling Stall Guava Island
The Wrath of Cane Guava Island
Icon furnisher.png
QVC Tchotchke and Chazzerei Spring Island
Icon iron monger.png
Alohura's Ironworking Stall Islay of Luthien
Arbuckleandi's Ironworking Stall Jorvik Island
Blackettsmith Eta Island
Devill's Ironworking Stall Eta Island
Dutches's Ironworking Stall Wrasse Island
Lock 'n' Load Turtle Island
Starlette's Ironworking Stall Turtle Island
Weapon Xi Xi Island
Icon shipyard.png
Even Keeled Alpha Island
Mabelann's Shipbuilding Stall Eta Island
Ye Sunk My Battleship Jorvik Island
Icon tailor.png
All Stitched Up Epsilon Island
Cheshdressed's Tailoring stall Turtle Island
Chesh of Drawers Eta Island
Conchfritter's Tailoring Stall Spring Island
Masquer's Aide Lagniappe Island
Sugarbelle's Tailoring Stall Spring Island
Icon weavery.png
Knotty but Nice Alpha Island
Lirian's Weaving Stall Spring Island
Mabelann's Weaving Stall Cranberry Island
Madbull's Weaving Stall Epsilon Island
Morcate's Weaving Stall Zeta Island
Shiraya's Weaving Stall Cnossos Island

Blockades at a glance

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 24 June 2006 Papaya VII Attacking Precolonized no Don't Panic vs. Dies Irae 3:0 Didn't win island
2 25 June 2006 Turtle VI Attacking Precolonized yes Jesters' Court vs. Dies Irae, Caper's Carpers 0:3:0 Won island
3 20 August 2006 Turtle VII Defending yes Dies Irae vs. The Pack 3:1 Defended island
4 23 September 2006 Turtle VIII Defending no Dies Irae vs. Seraph's Nightmare 3:0 Defended island
5 11 November 2006 Eta VIII Attacking Precolonized yes Silver Dawn vs. Dies Irae, Notorious Fandango 2:3:0 Won island
6 11 November 2006 Turtle IX Defending yes Dies Irae vs. Broadsiders 3:0 Defended island
7 18 November 2006 Eta IX Defending yes Dies Irae vs. Crimson Tide 3:1 Defended island
8 2 December 2006 Eta X Defending yes Dies Irae vs. Crimson Tide 3:1 Defended island
9 1 April 2007 Xi III Attacking yes Crimson Tide vs. Dies Irae 3:2 Didn't win island
10 21 April 2007 Eta XI Defending yes Dies Irae vs. Crimson Tide 3:0 Defended island
11 21 April 2007 Turtle X Defending yes Dies Irae vs. Crimson Tide 3:0 Defended island
12 21 August 2007 Turtle XI Defending yes Dies Irae vs. The Enlightened - Vargas the Mad 3:0 Defended island
13 8 March 2008 Spring VIII Attacking yes Avalon vs. Dies Irae 1:3 Won island
14 15 March 2008 Spring IX Defending yes Dies Irae vs. Crimson Tide 3:2 Defended island
15 20 September 2008 Xi VI Attacking no Crimson Tide vs. Dies Irae 3:1 Won island
16 10 January 2009 Byrne XII Attacking yes Broadsiders vs. Dies Irae 1:3 Didn't win island
17 25 January 2009 Xi VII Defending no "'Dies Irae'" vs. Crimson Tide 0:3 Didn't win island
18 11 July 2009 Jorvik XXIV Attacking no Folie Circulaire vs. Dies Irae 1:3 Didn't win island
19 10 October 2009 Jorvik XXVI Attacking yes Jinx vs. Dies Irae 1:3 Won island
20 8 May 2010 Cranberry XV Attacking yes Fallen vs. Dies Irae 0:3 Won island

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