Allied Foundation

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Allied Foundation at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Naclcanis of The Goonies
Member crew(s)
Dormant or disbanded as of 8 December, 2006

Allied Foundation was a flag on the Midnight Ocean.

The flag had initially planned to attack and colonize Beta Island. The monarch at that time was Dunatis of Southern Cross (defunct). Other crews in the flag were The Officers Club, British Bandits, The Goonies, Mystic Welsch and Shadowy Balrogs. It was, however, unsuccessful, and Water Sleeps was the flag which colonized Beta. Dunatis stepped down as monarch, and the Shadowy Balrogs left the flag to be independent for a while. Brummieboy became Monarch, and Abzzl became admiral of the fleet.

About 2 weeks later, they decided to attack Remora Island, beating Blood Eagles 7-0. This was the first player-owned island in the history of Y!PP to be taken from another player-controlled flag via blockade. Abzzl became governor of Remora and the distillery shoppe stayed as property of Lunar Bin. British Bandits later left the flag and Naclcanis of The Goonies became monarch.

The flag successfully resisted an attack by Fandango upon Remora with the help of Gladiators. Their allies included The Uprising, Vexillam Odiamus, Phoenix Reborn, Carpe Noctem, Dead Parrots Society, and various other hearties and friends.

Later on Remora was to be lost to Death Before Dishonor. It was after this with the flag dwindling that Naclcanis decided to merge what was left into one of their strongest allies and supporters at that time, Phoenix Reborn.