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Chat commands
/emote (/me)
/speak (/say)
/tell (/msg)
/think (/ponder)

The /jcrew command shares a message with the crew and jobbing pirates that a pirate is jobbing with. It can be thought of as a temporary channel allowing access to another crew's chat channel.


The Jcrew command has the following syntax:

/jcrew <message> (/jcr)

The Jcrew command can be combined with the three modifier commands - /think, /shout, and /emote:

/jcrew /think <message>
/jcrew /shout <message>
/jcrew /emote <message>

Note that pirates can not use /shout from certain locations. See shout for details.

Appearance in-game

An example of the Jcrew command.

Messages sent via Jcrew chat take the following forms:

Piratename says, "Message"
Piratename thinks, "Message" (When combined with /think)
Piratename shouts, "Message" (When combined with /shout)
Piratename Message (When combined with /emote)

All Jcrew messages are shown in the chat window, with borders that are shaped like the edges of scrolls on either side of the message. Jcrew uses the following colors:

Color RGB (hex) Component
#E7DCE8 Text background
#BF7ABF Border

Who can use this command

  • Anyone who is jobbing for a crew may use this command.
  • If a pirate has been blackspotted, then that pirate can not use the Jcrew command for a short time.

Who can hear messages sent with this command

  • If a jobbing pirate sends a message using Jcrew, all permanent members and jobbing pirates in that crew can hear the message.
  • If one pirate has muted another, that first pirate will be unable to hear the muted pirate regardless of what channel the muted pirate talks in.