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About me

I've played lots of off line puzzles, including the various Tradewinds Puzzles. However, I wanted to do more then gaining more poe in the tradewinds puzzles, but I wasn't able to do so. Someone told me about Puzzle Pirates and I decided to check it out. At the end of July 2007 I started playing here and I love it still! I have four pirates with whom I play regularly at Cerulean. All other pirates of mine are alts to help out with shops and events.


I like everything in Puzzle pirates, but I really love Shopmanagement and Atlantis. I try to go to Atlantis as often as I can! In the meantime I also check the forums frequently and I browse YPPedia on a regular basis. With my return to PP, I've discovered the Kraken and I absolutely love to Kraken hunting! I think this might be my new favorite waste of time, sorta speak.

Puzzle Pirate Code

!A L++ Sk- Zm D- DT- C++ P Cp Bl+ Sa++ Gu+ N++ TH+ Sw+++ R+ Al++ BS+ TP-- SF Rm+ Dr-- TD Sp-- Ht--- Bn X+:+:+ B Sh++++ Pt+++ $++ Cl+ F++ GD+ FA! Wki++++ Scr+ Bx?

Are you curious about your own Puzzle Pirate Code? Go check it out!

My current projects

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Have fun! I hope to meet you in game sometime :)