Puzzle Pirate Code

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The Puzzle Pirate Code started in a thread in the Shore Leave forum. It is a Puzzle Pirates version of Geek Code.


Addiction Level (A)

  • A- I'm a greenie
  • A Yeah, I've subscribed.
  • A+ I play a few times a week.
  • A++ I play daily.
  • A+++ I'm a lifetime subscriber, and have been since Azure.
  • A++++ What's this "outside" they're talking about in Shore Leave?
  • A* When I answer the phone, people greet me with "Turn off the pirate game."
  • !A I don't have a problem. I can quit at any time. *twitch, twitch*

Alts (L)

  • L- One pirate is enough.
  • L I only play one pirate, though the other slots are useful for whisking, accounting, or other special purposes.
  • L+ I play all my three pirates frequently.
  • L++ I have multiple accounts to store all my alts.
  • L+++ I have multiple computers because 4 simultaneous Java clients are not enough!
  • L@ I have alts I use for camping purposes.
  • LB-| I play an alt when I want to be incognito.

Skelly Hunting (Sk)

  • Sk-- Skellies? what are they? and why is it so dark here?
  • Sk- fought 'em and never won
  • Sk my crew fights them when we land and discover skellies
  • Sk+ I sometimes hunt
  • Sk++ I hunt skellies at least 3 times a week
  • Sk* I am in a skellie hunting crew
  • Sk! I started my own skellie hunting crew and I refuse to give up even though there are now 40 skellies per fight instead of 5 and we all have sticks =P

Zombie Slaying (Zm)

  • Zm-- Zombies? What are they? And why is their capitalisation booched?
  • Zm- I show up for round two... just in time to watch the zombies die in the first match.
  • Zm I'll fight zombies if I land and discover them.
  • Zm+ I usually hunt zombies.
  • Zm++ I hunt zombies at least 3 times a week.
  • Zm+++ I hunt zombies every chance I get. If I have an idle moment, I check for the zombie mission.
  • Zm* I am in a zombie slaying crew.
  • Zm! I started my own zombie slaying crew and I refuse to give up even though zombie matches rarely go beyond the first round or two. =P

Ultimate Lists (Ult)

  • Ult-- People who follow ultimate lists need to get a life.
  • Ult- I don't care what my rank is in the ocean.
  • Ult Checking ultimate lists are fun, I guess.
  • Ult+ I like to see how I'm doing.
  • Ult++ Every day I set my alarm for when the ultimate lists update.
  • Ult+++ I have each ultimate list I'm on in a browser window/tab and autorefresh every five seconds.
  • ?Ult I don't have any ultimates so I don't care.
  • Ult#1 I must be #1 in everything I do.
  • !Ult Where's the ultimate list for docktarting?


Dating (D)

  • D-- I don't get this "pirate wedding" stuff. What do their real world partners think of that?
  • D- My romantic life in the real world is quite fulfilling, thanks.
  • D My significant other in the real world also plays Puzzle Pirates.
  • D+ I have a real world life partner, but I also have pirate crushes that don't mean anything.
  • D++ I have a pirate marriage that is independent of my real world affiliations.
  • D! I met my significant other on Puzzle Pirates
  • D!! I met my SO on Puzzle Pirates and we're together in real life
  • !D Single here, single there.
  • D:( I've been heartbroken too many times on YPP, so to Davy Jones' Locker with dating
  • D* I flirt with anything that moves.
  • D** I am Jacksparrow.

Docktarting (DT)

  • DT-- I am RobertDonald
  • DT- Docktarting's for losers. I swordfight / drink / pillage all the time!
  • DT Eh, I docktart once in a while.
  • DT+ I spend some time on the docks with a couple of buddies
  • DT++ I spend a lot of time on the docks, especially at Alpha!
  • DT+++ Nothing beats sitting near the docks for hours on end, doing absolutely nothing but making a fool of yourself!
  • DT++++ I am Llama, Dora, Thesis, Inga, Adida or (insert notable dock-tart here)
  • !DT I idle a lot, and I don't make a fool out of myself like those idiots in Alpha.


Crew (C)

  • C- A real pirate goes where the booty is, and doesn't need a crew.
  • C I'm a pirate in a crew.
  • C+ I'm an officer.
  • C++ I'm a Senior Officer or Captain.

Politics (P)

  • P- Away with ye, foul demons!
  • P I'm a social butterfly, but don't care about politics.
  • P+ I'm flag royalty, and I love it.
  • P++ I only play this game for the Social Puzzle (tm).
  • P+++ I regularly check up on flags and crews blockading position I spend hours trying to decipher what they're up to


Duty Puzzles

Carpentry (Cp)

  • Cp-- You can rotate the pieces?
  • Cp- A pig’s breakfast is good, right?
  • Cp I can keep a sloop out of the red.
  • Cp+ Masterpiece ^10 and counting!
  • Cp++ I solo merchie brigs by putting all my bots on sails.
  • Cp* I am Janthina.

Bilge (Bl)

  • Bl-- My ship has sunk and I don't care.
  • Bl- I just can't shake this nasty case of crabs!
  • Bl I bilge when ordered to.
  • Bl+ I prefer bilge.
  • Bl++ When I bilge, the red gauge can be full, but the blue gauge is always empty.
  • Bl* When I am on, ye can only find me standing next to a bilge pump, else I am off.

Sailing (Sa)

  • Sa-- But I wanna carp!
  • Sa- What are these "tokens" you speak of, and what do you want from me?
  • Sa I like the feel of the wind in my face
  • Sa+ I can get a sloop to max speed in under 2 leagues
  • Sa++ I can provide 3 tokens per round for a sloop

Rigging (Ri)

  • Ri-- But I wanna sail!
  • Ri- You wanna get groups of three to the corners, right?
  • Ri I prefer sails.
  • Ri+ I prefer rigging!
  • Ri++ I make excellent/incredible every time
  • Ri+++ I can clear a board in one move!

Gunning (Gu)

  • Gu-- I'm Solid/Able, can I gun?
  • Gu- I put three balls in each cannon!
  • Gu It's powder, wad, shot, right?
  • Gu+ I can load a cannon a turn.
  • Gu++ I can load 4 cannons a turn.
  • Gu+++ I'm all the gunner Kuibbles needs on a brig run.

Navigation (N)

  • N-- Duty Nav is lame. Get rid of that scuppering puzzle.
  • N- I don't really like to nav.
  • N I've done it before. I'm ambivalent.
  • N+ I like the nav puzzle.
  • N++ Nav is awesome, but I don't have many routes memorized yet.
  • N+++ I have at least two archipelagos memorized, and nav is one of my favourite puzzles.
  • N++++ I don't remember what a blue dot looks like.
  • N+++++ One ocean is not enough, if there's an ocean with a name, me and all my alts have it fully memorized.
  • !N I'm not an officer, so I can't nav, but I'd like to try it some time.
  • N* I am Tedv.

Treasure Haul (TH)

  • TH:@ I press the TH button every time it pops up.
  • TH-- If I wanted to bilge sideways, my monitor would be on its side, thank you very much.
  • TH- You have to make vegases using lots of clicks, right?
  • TH? What's a flotilla?
  • TH:( I TH when I can, but I often never get to because people always abandon stations.
  • TH Tried it, doesn't really excite me.
  • TH+ Broad/respected
  • TH++ I have solid experience, and I have a friend that regularly leads flotilla attacks.
  • TH+++ I drive frigs into flotillas regularly. I'm ultimate
  • TH++++ I sink my own sloops so I can treasure haul.

Crafting Puzzles

Shipwrightery (Sw)

  • Sw? Sail 'em and let somebody else build 'em.
  • Sw-- Why won't the white pieces move?
  • Sw- My pieces get washed away all the time.
  • Sw Look, Ma, I made a cannon!
  • Sw+ The gold pieces are your friend.
  • Sw++ I only make 5-piece items. Pfft.
  • Sw+++ Vegas^3, baby while the flag is dropping! Too easy.
  • !Sw I force my crew to get a job at my ship stall and make them shipwright. I'm too busy docktarting.

Distilling (R)

  • R-- Real pirates drink rum, they don't make it.
  • R- Umm. So light colours always move up and dark colours always move down, right?
  • R I tried it a couple times.
  • R+ I know how the pieces move, and I like the puzzle.
  • R++ Make rum, not war.
  • R+++ I see the puzzle board as a series of interlinking paths. Not only am I Ultimate, I am one with the Rum.

Alchemistry (Al)

  • Al-- There was an update?
  • Al- It's like Pipe Dream, except not fun.
  • Al I've tried it. Whatever.
  • Al+ Woo! I haven't had this much fun breaking Erlenmeyer flasks since high school!
  • Al++ Double Double, Toil and Trouble!
  • Al* I haven't slept since the update because I've been playing alchemistry nonstop!

Blacksmithing (BS)

  • BS-- What's with all these numbers?
  • BS- What's with all these chess pieces?
  • BS I can clear some of the squares.
  • BS+ I can usually make a finely balanced weapon.
  • BS++ I can usually make a keen blade.
  • BS+++ Masterpiece, every time!
  • !BS The new crafting puzzle booched my ironmonger shoppe!
  • BS* I was part of Project Knightfish.

Tailoring (Ta)

  • !Ta The new tailoring puzzle booched my tailor shoppe!
  • Ta* I was part of Project Platy.

Weaving (We)

  • !We The new weaving puzzle booched my weavery shoppe!
  • We-- Who needs fabric?
  • We- How do you play this, again?
  • We So... groups of four are cleared, right?
  • We+ Double, Triple, Bingo!
  • We++ Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
  • We* I was part of Project Haddock.
  • We** I am Nickbush

Multiplayer Puzzles

Texas Hold 'Em Poker (TP)

  • TP-- Uhh... should I play this? My friend says he wins money.
  • TP- Played once or twice, I always lose.
  • TP I play, win some money sometimes, lose it the others, and my skill level hasn't passed Respected yet.
  • TP+ Why do they make those low bet tables? I always win, so I play the 200/2,000 tables.
  • TP++ I almost always go to the highest table I can afford, and I'm really close to Ultimate.
  • TP+++ Oh yeah! I'm winning millions of PoE from this, I always win, I am Ultimate most of the time, and I go to the highest table I can afford.
  • !TP I'd rather be docktarting.
  • TP? What is this Texas Hold 'Em? I have never heard of it.

Swordfighting (SF)

  • SF-- Which end is the pointy one?
  • SF- I am expert/able
  • SF Fighting beats dock tarting
  • SF+ I've won money in a Tourney
  • SF++ I've beaten a member of Black Death
  • SF+++ I'm in Black Death
  • !SF I'd rather be docktarting.
  • SF>* I am Complicated, Tedv, Kurosh, or Calais.

Rumble (Rm)

  • Rm-- Owww, my face...
  • Rm- How do you make combos?
  • Rm I can strike and sprinkle
  • Rm+ I can mess up some faces.
  • Rm++ I can insta easier opponents. Thunk! Kapow! Crack!
  • Rm+++ I've been booted from a Rumble table by Amethyst.

Drinking (Dr)

  • Dr-- This puzzle is totally luck-based and requires no skill whatsoever. Learn to SF, ya pansies.
  • Dr- Never tried it.
  • Dr I've tried it in tourneys once or twice.
  • Dr+ My Drinking experience shows up in bold print.
  • Dr++ I am Ultimate in Drinking! Y'arrr! *hic*
  • !Dr I'd rather be docktarting.

Treasure Drop (TD)

  • TD? What are those sperm-like things over pirate heads in the inns? Eww.
  • TD-- Treasure Drop is pointless and silly.
  • TD- I lost poe exponentially in Treasure Drop.
  • TD Treasure Drop is fun.
  • TD+ I'm too impatient for cards.
  • TD++ I can trick my opponent into giving me the points I want.
  • TD+++ I can make multiple coins drop at the same time.
  • TD ++++ I've earned a game's worth of points in one drop before.
  • TD$ I double my poe by playing Treasure Drop. Bwahahaha.

Spades (Sp)

  • Sp--- Isn't this hearts?
  • Sp-- Oh, you WANT points. I see...
  • Sp- Bags? What are bags???
  • Sp Well, they replaced a table in the inn.
  • Sp+ I have something to do while waiting for people to pillage!
  • Sp++ I've stopped docktarting, and started playing Spades.
  • Sp+++ There's something other than Spades?
  • Sp++++ I started playing this game because of Spades.
  • Sp* I only logon to play Spades.
  • Sp** I got a friend to join because of Spades.
  • Sp' I am Onyx.
  • Sp'' I am Whitefire.
  • Sp''' I am Nity.
  • SpR? I am perpetually able because of my scuppering partners.
  • Sp5 I only play 500 point games.
  • SpP I only play at private tables
  • SpO I am part of OA, Overbidders Anonymous.
  • SpU I am part of UA, Underbidders Anonymous

Spades: Nilling/Setting nils (SpN)

First group is how you nil, second group is how well you crack nils.

  • SpN-- What's nil? / My opponent nils with the ace of spades and wins.
  • SpN- Blind nils are evil from beyond. / Why would I use high spades early?
  • SpN I can blind nil with most hands. / I can set some blind nils
  • SpN+ I nil with most bid 2 hands. / I can set some nils
  • SpN++ I nil with most bid 4 hands. / I set most nils.
  • SpN+++ I can nil with the ace of spades. Really! / I set Whitefire nils.
  • SpN2 I've won a double nil.

Hearts (Ht)

  • Ht? What is this bastard child of Spades?
  • Ht--- So hearts aren't good this time?
  • Ht-- I can't get past able, and the only person to blame is myself.
  • Ht- I frequently earn 23 points a hand.
  • Ht I enjoy Hearts.
  • Ht+ I'm good at getting rid of the Queen of Spades.
  • Ht++ I can Shoot the Moon.
  • Ht+++ Playing for less than 5K poe is a waste of time.
  • Ht++++ I only play Hearts. Pillaging is for greenies.
  • !Ht I'd rather be docktarting. Grumble.

Seabattle/Pillaging/Blockades/Flotillas/Brigand Kings

Sea Battle (Bn)

  • Bn-- I will order a greenie to bnav before taking the helm myself.
  • Bn- Run away!!!
  • Bn If I get engaged, I can handle myself.
  • Bn+ I'm pretty good.
  • Bn++ I am psychic.
  • Bn+++ El Pollo Diablo's got nothin' on me.
  • ?Bn I am not an officer, so I have no idea.

Pillaging/Command Style (X)

  • X--:--:-- I only hire Legendaries or Ultimates / Say the wrong thing, and it's the plank for you, matey / My ship is a grim, humourless place, like a Dickensian workhouse or a cubicle farm.
  • X-:-:- I have fairly strict hiring criteria / I'll plank ye if you score below Fine or if ye're distracting people / I occasionally chat, but more often than not I puzzle.
  • X:: I take a look at the jobber's profile before I hire 'im / Lazers get the plank! / I regularly chat, but we usually stick to topic and don't get too distracted.
  • X+:+:+ I'll hire anyone, but I'll keep a blacklist / It's okay to goof off a little on me ship, but NO CHALLENGES! / Our ship is a lively, fun place, and we don't think to stick to the task at hand.
  • X++:++:++ I'll hire anyone! / Can't we just get along? / PAAARTAY!
  • X?:?:? You mean we can hire other people? / What's 'plank'? / What is this 'fun' you speak of?
  • X!:!:! I sail alone / Planking is EVIL / NO TALKING!
  • X *:*:* I love cramming people into my ship / I'm a member of the Plank Club / You can't get me to stop talking when I'm sailing. Trust me, people have tried.

Blockades (B)

  • B-- Why do you need an island? Just open some stalls.
  • B- Not my cup of tea.
  • B I've jobbed for a blockade here and there.
  • B+ They're fun! I participate every time.
  • B++ Blockades are the only true test of pirate mettle. Bring it, little boy.
  • BP-) I have a disability.
  • B$ To Davy Jones' locker with any of you scupperers who don't pay your jobbers.

Flotillas (Fl)

  • Fl- Tried one, didn't like it.
  • Fl I occasionally go on flotillas if there's nothing else to do.
  • Fl+ I go once every week or two.
  • Fl++ I go whenever I see it on the notice board. Flotillas are awesome!
  • Fl+++ The reason BK's don't set up flotillas on my ocean anymore is because I kill them too fast.
  • Fl! I only go on sinking flotillas. Nonsinking flotillas are for wimps.
  • Fl$ I only go to Treasure Haul.
  • !Fl I'd rather be docktarting.
  • Fl:( I can't go on flotillas because my computer is too slow.

Brigand Kings (BK)

  • BK? What's a Brigand King? Are they related to Burger King?
  • BK-- I avoid them like the plague. They're too scary.
  • BK- Not my thing.
  • BK I've fought BKs before but never won.
  • BK+ I've won against a BK before.
  • BK++ Hooray trinkets! Gotta catch them all!
  • BK+++ If you're not BK hunting then I won't pillage with you.
  • BK* I have my own BK hunting crew.


Atlantis (Atl)

  • Atl--- Atlantis is just a gimmick. Real pirates do blockades or flotillas.
  • Atl-- Scout Triketoses give me nightmares.
  • Atl- Mommy, save me from the fish men!
  • Atl I've been there, but it's nothing special.
  • Atl+ Die you evil turtles! Mwahaha!
  • Atl++ I just lost four hours of my life but it was worth it!
  • Atl+++ Atlantis is my only source of income.
  • Atl++++ Just forward my mail to Flooded Sanctuary of Nereus.
  • Atl? What is this "Atlantis" you young'uns are always yapping about?
  • Atl! I came out of retirement because of Atlantis.
  • !Atl I'm not a subscriber/I don't have a Bravery Badge so I can't go to Atlantis :(
  • Atl& People never hire me for Atlantis because my stats aren't good enough.
  • Atl% I purposefully sink sloops in Atlantis so I can get an injury.
  • Atl:( My computer can't run Atlantis.

Defending/Dragoon challenges (Def)

  • Def--:-- Defending is a waste of time. I'd rather be puzzling./Isn't that what defenders are for?
  • Def-:- I only defend when I have to./Wow, those dragoons must be on steroids.
  • Def:: I defend only when I'm feeling lazy or when there's nothing open./If I'm feeling lucky or my station is boring I'll take one-on-ones.
  • Def+:+ I like defending because I don't have to puzzle./I can hold my own in a one-on-one.
  • Def++:++ You want me in that fray. You NEED me in that fray!/I win one-on-ones most of the time.
  • Def+++:+++ Just call me [your name here], Killer of Dragoons./I can win just by clicking Accept because they're so afraid of me.
  • Def!:! Stop pulling me out of TH for a dang fray!/Dragoons suck.
  • Def*:* I can't defend because I'm not ranked high enough in swordfighting./I never get to one-on-one because the captain never lets us.
  • DefR:R Why can't these be rumble frays?/Why can't we rumble them? Swordfighting sucks.
  • Def?:? What's defending?/What's a 'Bellator'? Isn't that some kind of Pokemon or something?
  • Def??:?? I never go to Atlantis./I never go to Atlantis.

Citadels (Cit)

  • Cit- Does anybody actually win these things?
  • Cit We can keep it close but we end up losing.
  • Cit+ I've been part of a winning fray before.
  • Cit++ 70 dragoons? Pfft, mere child's play.
  • !Cit Nobody ever wins these things. Scupper citadels.
  • Cit* I love them even though nobody knows how to team.
  • Cit? What's that donut looking thingy on the map? Can we eat it?
  • ?Cit I can't do Citadels because I can't/won't go to Atlantis.

Atlantean Booty (AtlB)

  • AtlB-- I'm complaining to the OMs because the game must be rigged, since I never get anything from Atlantis.
  • AtlB- I always get old clothes that smell awful and make people avoid me.
  • AtlB I get a decent amount of PoE and occasionally something useful.
  • AtlB+ I've gotten some nice stuff in Atlantis before.
  • AtlB++ I've gotten Atlantean clothing before.
  • AtlB+++ I have wardrobes full of Atlantean clothing.
  • AtlB++++ I've gotten a crab and/or a seahorse.
  • !AtlB I always sink so I never get anything.
  • AtlB:*) I have or have had a starfish on my face.
  • AtlB? What are these "treasure chests" you people keep talking about?
  • ?AtlB I don't get anything because I never go.


Shoppes (Sh)

  • Sh- Never tried shoppekeeping.
  • Sh It looks fun.
  • Sh+ I run a stall.
  • Sh++ I manage a shoppe or two.
  • Sh+++ I own a shoppe or two, but have other people running it.
  • Sh++++ I own shoppe(s) which I run like well oiled machine(s).
  • Sh0_-===== Been there, done that, found sticking a fork in my eye more fun.


Portraits (Pt)

  • Pt? There's something to do at the palace other than swordfight tutors?
  • Pt-- What kind of pirate needs a bloody picture of themself?
  • Pt- I'm too poor to afford 15K poe, I just use that free portrait mission to make myself seem richer.
  • Pt I have a portrait.
  • Pt+ I use my portrait as an avatar elsewhere.
  • Pt++ I have portraits for all my moods/clothes/specialty items/familiars.
  • Pt+++ I have group portraits, portraits of all my buddies, wedding portraits, holiday portraits...I AM PRETTY.
  • Pt$ I buy portraits for other people.
  • Pt* I've designed a portrait backdrop.
  • !Pt I prefer user-created oog portraits.

Wealth ($)

  • $--- I struggle to buy tan bandanas
  • $-- Wow! The navy sure is a good way to get money!
  • $- I can buy some things when I save up
  • $ I can buy basic clothes as I want them
  • $+ I can buy dark coloured clothes and I've saved up to buy a couple of ships
  • $++ I'd say I live comfortably in the pirate world.
  • $+++ I can have my pretty black clothes and ships waiting for me in every arch.
  • $++++ Black clothes, black ships, warchests dropped left and right
  • $+++++ There isn't a fam with a color combination that I do not own.
  • $S? I own a stall or shoppe and I usually reinvest all of my money, so I really don't know anymore

Clothing (Cl)

  • Cl-- I wear the rags I came off the Pollywog with. Clothes are a waste of poe.
  • Cl- I wear all tan because it's the cheapest option out there.
  • Cl I have a personal favourite outfit I always wear. I re-buy it when it dusts.
  • Cl+ I have 2-3 outfits I wear regularly.
  • Cl++ I have at least 6-7 of each clothing item type.
  • Cl+++ I have over 10 of each clothing item type. I know who owns every tailor in the ocean. People call me a walking tailor rack. I have clothes to match every ship I own.
  • Cl* I am Crystallina.

Forum/YPPedia/Outside Game

Forums (F)

  • F- Keep me away from those forums. I like this game too much to let a bunch of tarts ruin it for me.
  • F Never visited them.
  • F+ I go there now and again to trade and/or to keep up with current events.
  • F++ I read the forums daily.
  • F+++ 100% USDA Approved Forum Tart.
  • F++++ I am atteSmythe, Gotagota, homullus, or a name in the title of the Sideshow.
  • F* I am Ramirojr.
  • F** I am Diamondblade.
  • !F What forums? I'm only here for the Sideshow.

Game Design (GD)

  • GD- I tart frequently about things I don't like, but don't offer suggestions for improvements. Not my problem.
  • GD I play the game. I don't make it.
  • GD+ I make suggestions in Game Design, even if it is just a little feedback on clothing now and again.
  • GD++ If you enjoy a game, it's your responsibility to give feedback. I am very active in Game Design.
  • GD$ I am a developer or Ocean Master and don't need to dignify this with a response.
  • GD$$ I am Cleaver or Nemo.
  • GD* I am Faulkston.

Fanart (FA)

  • FA! I just don't even try
  • FA--- No, that's Nemo, and that's Edward! ;_;
  • FA-- I have paint... I've scribbled out a few PP-related doodles.
  • FA- At least people don't laugh at my PP art.
  • FA I've gotten compliments for my creative ideas, but not so much the talent.
  • FA+ I've drawn some PP fanart and I'm proud of it, and get a positive response.
  • FA++ I draw PP fanart often and get lots of compliments and requests.
  • FA+++ I've won Nemo's contests.
  • FA$ I sell avatars for POE.
  • FA$$ I make real money for PP art, in other words, I'm Nemo.

YPPedia (Wki)

  • Wki--- I suspect Eris really left because of my petitions.
  • Wki-- I've heard of Wiki...that's witchcraft, right?
  • Wki - What was the address again?
  • Wki I browsed it for kicks once.
  • Wki+ I have a link on my desktop.
  • Wki++ I have a personal link on Wiki.
  • Wki+++ I've stopped playing YPP to support my Wiki habit.
  • Wki++++ I think my computer's stuck on Wiki or maybe its just me.
  • Wki* I am a YPPedia administrator.


Screenshots (Scr)

  • Scr--- I would take some, but it's too hard to get the camera out.
  • Scr-- I've never touched the PRT SCRN button in my life.
  • Scr- I try, but I'm way too slow on the PRT SCRN button to take a decent screenshot.
  • Scr I take screenshots if the joke's good.
  • Scr+ My screenshots have their own folder, and it's constantly growing larger.
  • Scr++ My finger might as well be on the PRT SCRN button since I press it so much
  • Scr$ I have won Nemo's screenshot contest, or I've made money from them some other way.
  • Scr$$ I'm the guy who takes screenshots of the game for Three Rings and distributes them to people
  • !Scr Someone else can take the screenshots, because I'm not going to do it.
  • Scr? You mean you can take screenshots? How?

Box Edition (Bx)

  • Bx--- I now hate Three Rings with every orifice of my being for coming out with this.
  • Bx-- I wish to burn any Y!PP Box Editions I see and crush the person who came up with the idea.
  • Bx- This is obviously an attempt by Three Rings to rip people off.
  • Bx It's ok, but it has its flaws.
  • Bx+ I certainly like it. I give Kudos to Three Rings.
  • Bx++ I would buy more than one if the effects stacked.
  • Bx+++ I wish to buy any Y!PP Box Editions I see and hug the person who came up with the idea.
  • Bx? What in the world is a box edition?
  • !Bx I know what the box edition is, but not interested in buying it.

Ice Ocean (Ice)

  • Ice? Why isn't Ice showing up on the list of oceans?
  • Ice-- Watching paint dry is more exciting than this graveyard of an ocean.
  • Ice- Nobody is ever on, so I don't go on it.
  • Ice I go every once in awhile to see what's coming up soon in new releases.
  • Ice+ I like testing the new stuff.
  • Ice++ I pillage/puzzle there a lot.
  • Ice+++ I subscribe to Puzzle Pirates just for the Ice Ocean.
  • Ice++++ Normal oceans are a waste of time. Ice is the wave of the future, man!