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Sandyiagil has no portrait
Sandyiagil at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Pirate Sandyiagil
Crew Affiliation Sweet Longings
Crew Rank Captain
Flag Affiliation none
Flag Rank none
Ocean Cerulean
Last updated on 28 July, 2018

Sandyiagil lives on Terra Island on the Cerulean Ocean. She is the captain of the crew Sweet Longings and she is a chief petty officer in the Terra Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago. She started out as a mere alt of Scrappyilse, but soon realized she wanted to grow on her own and left Scrappyilse.


Sandyiagil washed ashore on the island Terra Island on the Cerulean Ocean. For a while she was contend to simply be in the Sweet Longings crew, but eventually she wanted. Scrappyilse handed her the captaincy of the crew and she's been the captain ever since.


Sandyiagil is still testing out the waters and seeing what it is she likes most.


Scrappyilse owns: