Sweet Longings

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Sweet Longings at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Sandyiagil
Senior Officer(s) Scrappyilse
Organization Sweet Longings currently has a captain who makes all the decisions. The rest of the crew members are crafting alts.
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 14 March, 2008
Last updated on 28 July, 2018
Favicon.png Crew Info

Sweet Longings is a crew on the Cerulean Ocean that was founded by Scrappyilse in the year 2008 on March 14th, originally on the Cobalt Ocean. Sweet Longings is currently under the captaincy of Sandyiagil and is not recruiting crewmembers yet.


Sweet Longings was founded by Scrappyilse. Scrappyilse deliberately decided not to recruit crewmembers yet, nor join any flag yet, until she has more experience in running pillages. Through Scrapper-West she'll gain more experience in how crews and Flags work.

Sweet Longings is a crew for Pillaging and having fun!


  • Scrappyilse (March 2008-2017)
  • Sandyiagil (2017 - present)

Public Statement

Longing for everything Sweet, from Chocolate to Melons.. .... Everything is welcome.

Extended Public Statement

I'm not recruiting crew members at the moment!

Why Sweet longings?

I have food allergies, especially for fruit. Since the time I can't eat fruits anymore, I really long for things like Melons and cherries. I had hoped to find them here...... But Alas, I didn't. So I'll keep longing for them :) Besides everything fruity, I love chocolate, so it's a fun combination!

Rules on Board

  • Listen to the Officer in Charge (OIC)
  • Do the job you're asked to do. The OIC will ask you once in chat. If you haven't heard it, the OIC will give you an order to do a specific job. You are expected to follow that order.
  • Do NOT TH unless told so
  • Lazing WILL result in planking if you don't do the job you're asked to do.
  • Booty Division will be done at the end of the Journey. No sooner. Don't ask for earlier booty divisions.
  • If commods are won, they will either go to the (future) crew stall or will be sold. In case the commods go to the future Crew stall, there will be put poe to cover that in the booty before division. This goes for all commods, including Kraken's Blood!
  • Do NOT challenge people on board unless the OIC says it's okay to do so during loading.

Have fun!

Crew Colors

  • Tan
  • White
  • Blue