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Vargas the Mad
Vargas the mad
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Vargas der irre
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Vargas the Mad is a Brigand King. He is captain of the crew Circle of Madness and king of the flag The Enlightened on all but the Opal Ocean. On the Opal Ocean he goes by the name Vargas der Irre and is captain of the crew Zirkel des Wahnsinns and king of the flag Die Erleuchteten.



Vargas the Mad
Vargas' crew

Wearing only a blue and red kilt above a pair of leather boots, Vargas the Mad shows off his athletic body and thick hair combed in locks. He also wears skull rings, with which he rumbles.

Unlike their leader, his swabbies are bald, including the females.


The main theme that marks his character is madness, from which his propensity for violence seems to derive. He is also portrayed as man learned in voodoo.

List of known ship names and swabbie adjectives

Main article: List of known Brigand King swabbie adjectives

Both his ships and swabbies are named with rumble-related and violence-themed adjectives.

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  • Barbaric
  • Brawling
  • Demented
  • Destructive
  • Mighty
  • Powerful
  • Riotous
  • Stonefist
  • Violent
  • Wild

In battle

The barbarian king rumble background

Unlike most brigand kings, Vargas can only be fought in a rumble.

In the fray against his crew, the usual rumble background is replaced by a special one.

Battle chants


  • Brace yourself! Vargas the Mad and his barbaric horde are looking for a rumble!
  • Vargas the Mad says, "Hehehe! Looking for a bit of a fight are we? Wonderful! We all just ran out of things to smash!"


  • Vargas the Mad says, "Run away! Hehehe, run away! Hide under the ocean, behind the sun or beneath the tiniest seashell! I will find you pirates!"
  • Vargas the Mad says, "I can hear it, hehehe! Their song is in the air once more! Set a course for their enchanting song!"

Grappling chant

  • Vargas the Mad says, "Time to break a few necks lads! Hehehe!"


  • Vargas the Mad says, "Things are getting a bit dark around here mates... seems the dream world is calling. Crack a few skulls for me!"


  • Vargas the Mad says, "No! No! No! We cannot lose! If we do they will come for us! They will comes for us all!"
  • Vargas the Mad says, "Very well, I shall give each of yer dedicated hands one <''Insert trinket name''> in ransom for my release."


  • Vargas the Mad says, "Hehehe, another mighty good brawl we had! The icing on the trout is that we take all your shiny coins and the like!"

Trinket rewards

In ransom for his release, Vargas can give to the victorious players four different kind of trinkets: scientific tomes, reading pipes, jigsaw puzzle pieces and siren's combs.

Flotillas & blockades

Vargas' flotilla icon as seen on Yer known world and from the crown's nest

Vargas the Mads's flotilla is non-sinking and it can be recognized from the same icon that appears on his scientific tome.

If his flotilla is not defeated in time, Vargas can declare a blockade on a nearby island. Like all other Brigand Kings, said blockades are always sinking.


In his flotillas and blockades, Vargas doesn't seem to have preferences for any particular class of ships.

The naming scheme of his ships follows the one of his swabbies.

Current flotilla position

Main article: Current flotilla positions

Governed islands

When The Enlightened succeeds in taking over an island, Vargas installs himself as a governor, setting the taxes at 100% and posting the following news.

Island News

  • By decree of the owner of this island, Vargas the Mad, every inhabitant will perform a solemn duty corresponding to the day of the week:
    • Monday: Each citizen must harass all of the island's sleeping turtles.
    • Tuesday: Each citizen must wear a fez in one of three colors: maroon, brown or blue.
    • Wednesday: Each citizen must rumble at least three times with a fish.
    • Thursday: Each citizen must contemplate their madness till enlightened.
    • Friday: Each citizen must participate in a mock naval battle commemorating the victory of Vargas over Finius.
    • Saturday: Each citizen must juggle at least seven fruit simultaneously. Rambutan are not acceptable juggling fruit.
    • Sunday: Each citizen must toss a caber at least 10 yards.
    Those found in dereliction of these duties will be forced to spin until they come to their senses.

Palace News

  • Welcome, swellcome, glitter me timbers! Here's a palace for Vargas if he ever remembers! Think ye on this though, afore leavin' me isle: gold fuels me madness so drop some on the pile!

Shop News

  • Wiggle, wiggle little worms! Bumble-bee buzzers crawling like germs! Bang and clatter and hammer and make, slither and blather - making things for my sake!

Other in-game occurrences

Halloween 2008

Main article: 2008 Halloween events
Vargas the Mad in person

As part of 2008 Halloween events, Vargas made his first appearance in person. Hints were given in a form of riddle on various nights which was related to him. Not only that, he left a statue of himself during the Masquerade Ball event, which then leads to the introduction of Cursed Isles.

The Cursed Isles

Main article: Cursed Isles

He leads the cultists in the Cursed Isles and occasionally appears there for rumble fights.

Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

This trophy related to Vargas can be obtained on the Cursed Isles:

Vargas statue

The same Vargas statue that appeared for the first time on the occasion of 2008 Halloween events can be found among the chests foraged in the Cursed Island and placed as a piece of furniture on the pirate dwellings.

Historical notes

Vargas is one of the original five Brigand Kings introduced to the game with release 2006-03-30.

The artwork for Vargas the Mad was missing until release 2006-07-19. Players who encountered him at sea would see an error message instead of his face.

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