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Puzzle Pirate Code

Look here for references to the entries below.














Between Gu++ and Gu+++




Between R and R+

Between Al++ and Al*

Between BS+ and BS++




Obviously between Rm++ and Rm+++ since I haven't seen Amethyst, lol...





Between Ht- and Ht

Between Bn+ and Bn++

Between X-:-:- and X::

Between B and B+


Between BK+ and BK++

Between Atl++ and Atl+++


Either between Cit and Cit+ or Cit* depending on circumstances.

Between AtlB++ and AtlB+++

Between Sh+++ and Sh++++ (I'll usually pay Taxes, but won't make anything unless I need Lifeboats or a new LE Ship.)

Between Pt+ and Pt++

$+++ (But I don't buy that much, lol.)

Cl (Outfit shown below)




Between Wki+ and Wki++ (I update pages as often as I can/ as needed)

Between Scr+ and Scr++



Ocean Memorising Cerulean

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

Fully Memorised

22/24 charts Memorised

25/27 charts Memorised

25/27 charts Memorised

  • Routes Between Archipelagos

All have been Memorised!! ♥ <3

Ocean Memorising Ice




  • Interarchs


YPPedia Goals/Projects/Accomplishments (Old, no longer working on these)


Attained Goals

Projects (Maintenance or Otherwise)

Self-set Maintenance Tasks

  • Reduce the number of entries in Category:Outdated crew information & Category:Outdated flag information Categories.
    • Outdated Flags progress: (This Category will be left alone until January.)
    • Outdated Crews progress: currently on Crews starting with A.
  • Maintain buy-ability of Charts. For example, if an SY dusts on an island and it was the last one, the Templates should be updated to indicate as such would show that it is no longer buyable.


Current Project
  • Update {{disambig}} (Usage) pages to reflect ocean merge, renames, etc.
    • Progress: Currently on pages starting with D.
Future/Wanted Project(s)
  • Add floor plans for each ship.

Accomplishments & Contributions

  • Finished Ringer Flags, BK Flags, and Flags starting with A to Z!
    • Finally! I updated at least 584 Flags from that Category.... Sheesh. From 10:33, 23 September 2016 to 12:30, 26 October 2016 it took me...

  • Overhauled the Template:Map:Meridian Ocean article as well as ALL related Templates (which include those of Malachite, Viridian, and Meridian Ocean Templates) for missing Commodities.
    • Also updated islands across the Ice, Cerulean, and Meridian oceans for governorships as well as whether they sell Gems.
    • One major update was on Hadrian Island (Apparently, the blockade history was never added to this page....
      • These edits were done from 9 November 2016 to 11 November 2016 and was quite intense....

  • Updated ALL former Category:Malachite Ocean crews to allow for its retirement.
    • Edits done from 11 November 2016 to 15 November 2016.

  • First redirect fix on 12/12/16, at 12:27 (24-hr time) at (lol, yay.)

  • Completed maintenance of Emerald Ocean Templates for buy-ability of charts for Cryo Island on 12/12/16 14:44 EST.

    • Also completed maintenance of Cerulean Ocean Templates for buy-ability of charts for Spectre Island (Cerulean) on 12/12/16 15:33 EST.
      • New SY on Spectre: Maintenance completed for Templates on 16/02/17 15:54 EST.
  • Updated ALL former Category:Viridian Ocean crews to allow for its retirement as of 13:02, 6 January 2017‎.

  • Updated ALL former Category:Hunter Ocean crews to allow for its retirement as of 12:52, 10 January 2017.

  • Added new parameter to {{Ship}} (Usage) Template for a new release for Bribe on 7 February 2017 at 16:36.
    • ALL Sloop pages edited for confirmed Bribe costs costs of 50 PoE on 9 February 2017 at 08:09, 08:24, & 08:25. (Yes, I edited several pages at the same time. :P )
    • Added Bribe costs to the rest of the ship articles. Edits submitted from ~07:40 EST to ~08:55 on 14/2/17. Also had to show new maximum Swabbies as the LE/special ships were not edited for that release.

  • Fixed Template:Map:Ice Ocean for Yorrick Island and related Templates for typos with Commodity listing on 10/2/17.

Created/Planned Templates/Articles

Created/Planned Articles
Created Articles
  • Added new pages for Greedy Pillagers and their respective Time charts on 1, 2, & 3. This took me from before 12:18 (EST) to 12:38 on 9/2/17. (Obviously, I was editing before 12:18...)

  • Added a new article regarding the new ocean on 5/4/17, 08:04:10.

    • Added Category pages for the new ocean.

  • Cerulean island-owning flags article created 11:41 on 13/4/17.

    • Reminder: create articles for red-links in this article.

  • Moved Meridian island-owning flags article over redirect at Viridian island-owning flags & overwrote the resulting redirect for a proper listing. Meridian should have been created, NOT moved to where it was..

  • Created Malachite island-owning flags article to complete the set of lists on 17/4/17, 10:20.
Planned Articles
Created/Planned Templates
Created Templates
Planned Templates
  • Template for entries that involve Crews, Flags, and Pirates created on the current batch of oceans (Can include those created on Jade, Opal, and Ice oceans. Link=Template:CurrentOcean).
  • Template for buildings that are red-linked & need to be confirmed (Link=Template:ConfirmBuilding).
  • Template for DefunctDisband family for Crews/Flags that were renamed before being disbanded or made defunct. (Link=Template:DefunctDisband2).
  • Template for Building entries created on the current batch of oceans (Link=Template:CurrentOcean2).
  • Template for Crew/Flag entries that have been disbanded before the ocean mergers. (Link=Template:DefunctDisband3).
  • Template to extend the uses of what is currently in Template:RetiredOcean2. This would allow distinguishing between: a building that currently exists on a current ocean and was erected on a retired ocean;; and a dusted building that dusted on a current ocean, but was erected on a retired ocean. (Link=Template:BuildingDust).
  • Template to extend the uses of what is currently in Template:CrewFlagNameChange. This would allow distinguishing between a crew/flag that currently exists on a current ocean and was renamed;; and a crew/flag that has been disbanded on a current ocean but was created on a retired ocean. (Link=Template:DefunctDisband4).
  • Template that distinguishes between the aforementioned Template and this one, which would involve a renamed crew/flag that disbanded before ocean merge. (Link=Template:DefunctDisband5);

    and probably more as more scenarios are encountered.