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Admiral Finius is one of the original five Brigand Kings introduced to the game in April 2006. Like most brigand kings, he can be fought in either a swordfight or rumble.

Admiral Finius is captain of the crew Cadre of His Ultimate Magnificence and king of the flag Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness on all oceans except for Opal. On the Opal Ocean he is captain of the crew Kader ihrer extraordinär magnifizenten Eminenz and king of the flag Flotte ihrer schuppig-charmanten Hoheit.

Admiral Finius became the first Brigand King to take control of an island on June 30, 2007 after he won the blockade of Jorvik XVII on the Midnight Ocean in three uncontested rounds against the flag Tyr's Own.

Note: While there have been posts in the forum done under the guise of the Brigand Kings, these are unofficial postings made by players that are not Ocean Masters or any other Three Rings staff and are not approved.

In battle

Admiral Finius
Finius' swabbies wear tam o'shanters.
Engagement chants:
  • Sacre bleu! You're in the presence of royalty! Admiral Finius approaches!
  • Admiral Finius says, "What have we here? Another minnow who has taken the bait? Hurry and hook these insufferable fools!"

Disengagement chant:

  • Admiral Finius says, "Swim away will you?! No bother, it is only a matter of time before you shall stare into the maw of your predator once again!"

Grappling chant:

  • Admiral Finius says, "Raise your blades, men! It is time to skewer these shrimps!"

Death chant:

  • Admiral Finius says, "Your beloved admiral is down men! Fight on! Fight on! We shall drink the sweet wine from glory's cup yet!"

Defeat chants:

  • Admiral Finius says, "If I am to lose to the likes of pirates, then let me die as well! For death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily..."
  • Admiral Finius says, "Very well, I shall give each of yer dedicated hands one <''Insert trinket name''> in ransom for my release."

Victory chant:

  • Admiral Finius says, "Victory is mine! It was futile from the beginning, no mere pirate could take on the greatest naval genius ever to grace the emerald infinity!"
Admiral Finius


A flotilla league point as seen from the targeting screen.
Flotilla icon Admiral Finius.png

Admiral Finius' flotilla icon as seen on Yer known world.

Trinket Rewards

Baby portrait of Adm. Finius
Fish eye lens monocle
Porcelain cup
Prestigious naval medal
Royal anchovy tin
Baby portrait of Adm. Finius Fish eye lens monocle Porcelain cup Prestigious naval medal Royal anchovy tin

Current Flotilla Position

Cobalt Hunter

League point Admiral Finius2.png

This Brigand King does not currently have a flotilla on Cobalt. It might be busy blockading or in hiding.

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Flotilla icon Admiral Finius.png Admiral Finius Cadre of His Ultimate Magnificence Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness
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