Resurgence (Cerulean)

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Resurgence at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Hulagirlaa of Empty Planet
Member crew(s) ARR, Empty Planet, The Fighting Mongooses, Freudian Slip, Island Raiders, Omnicide, Ragged Brotherhood, Red Dawn, Sheepish Force, Universe A, Villains of the Amazon
Founded 19 July, 2012
Allies Faded Legend, Forever Untamed
Wars Universe One
Last updated on 25 October, 2016
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Resurgence is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean, founded on the July 19, 2012 by Culliford, Fonshizzle, and Zarchi under the name of Universe A . The original founders stopped contributing to the flag on May 19, 2015.


The creation

Upon the creation of Universe A the monarch position was appointed to Fonshizzle, with Culliford and Zarchi using their alts Downpour and Notzarchi as royals. The three were ambitious and had the mindset of blockading, and nothing was going to get in their way.

Getting started

Universe A blockaded Orca Island and successfully won on the same month the flag was created. Upon this first step in the flag's growth, they decided it was time to strike at a larger target. Discussions later led them to double drop on both Beta Island and Olive Island on August 25, 2012. Much like there blockade at Orca they won and it has let them open new doors to an active blockading force on the Cerulean Ocean. Shortly after the double blockade both Zarchi and Voidrix left Dies Irae and created new crews, Empty Planet and Unquenchable Fury, and established themselves within the crew, with Voidrix taking another royal spot.

With no lust to continue to hold Orca Island, the flag wanted to develop a way of giving away the island in an event. Ultimatly this was eventually achieved with the Touch My Junk event that occurred October 6, 2012. In which Locu won flying the flag of Booching Blaggards. Similarly to Orca Island, Universe A had no more intentions to hold Olive Island any further. The island was awarded to Scuppersteak of the flag Kittens in the event The Olive 77 on Saturday, December 8, 2012.

The Tyranny quadra-drop

On Sunday, October 21st, 2012 the flag Tyranny did a four island drop on Napi Peak, Ostreum Island, Namath Island and Cranberry Island. Upon seeing these likely four flag sits, Universe A took it into its hands to stop this happening and dropped on both Namath and Cranberry Island. With this Namath was successfully taken in a 3-0 sweep. However cranberry had added contention in the form of Undertow and Tzz of the flag Fallen (neither dropped chests). The blockade finished with a 2:1:2 round distribution between Tyranny, Universe A and Fallen resulting in a successful defense for the island holders Trans-Atlantic Empire. Subsequently the two other islands were defended successfully with both being ended early by an OM, leaving the principle of stopping flag sits achieved.

Spring struggles

On November 15, 2012, the flag, A Plus Pirates announced they would be scuttling away Spring Island to the brigand king, Vargas the Mad, of The Enlightened the following day. What they didn't know was that Universe A had been planning to drop on Spring for a month, and had gathered up the commodities, ships, and people, all to be ready for that weekend. When they saw the announcement, Zarchi got in contact with A Plus Pirates. After some discussion, APP, refused to cancel the scuttle and fight the blockade against UA, so UA waited a week until they were able to drop on the BK. On November 24, 2012, They dropped, and defeated The Enlightened in 1 round, then flag sat Round 2 & 3.

Cerulean versus Meridian

In conjunction with their ally Faded Legend, both Universe A and Faded Legend did a combined triple drop on In Love and War's Kirin Island, Terra Island, and Fintan Island on Saturday, February 23, 2013. All three islands were successfully attacked under sinking conditions. However, only Terra was contested by the defenders and only for a single round. Thus, leaving Universe A with another island gain, in the form of Kirin Island. The defending flag, was well-known for spending the majority of their time on Meridian Ocean, and a lot of people were unhappy with them holding some of the main islands on the Cobalt side of Cerulean.

Papaya packs a punch

With the recent gain of Papaya Island for the flag Riding High off Elements of Fear earlier in the month. Universe A took it into their hands to drop on Papaya two weeks later on Saturday, March 9, 2013 in hopes of getting a contested blockade out of Riding High. The island was successfully attacked in three contested rounds in a non sinking environment. However, round three became sinking after Elements of Fear dropped in round two, to make it sinking for round 3, as they were at war with Riding High. Elements of Fear never entered the board.

The following week Riding High re-dropped on Papaya in an attempt to reclaim the island from Universe A. However, after three rounds of a sinking blockade, Universe A proved dominant and the flag continued to hold Papaya Island.

Tyranny strikes again

On Sunday, May 12, 2013 the flag Tyranny dropped on Kirin Island. The blockade was fought across five sinking contested rounds with the eventual successful defense by Universe A. Both round one and two were won by Tyranny, due to out-jobbing and ocean-side boards. In the third round, Tyranny continued to lead in points, with a gap of over 100 for most of the round. However, when Tyranny sank a war brig and junk on the same turn, the admiral, Zarchi, made a situational, risky call, of bringing in a undermanned war frigate during the round, to contest the main cluster and hopefully triumph Tyranny's two brigs. As the war frigate began to contest the main cluster, Universe A started to close the gap. The war frigate was ordered not to sink more than one war brig at a time, to ensure that Tyranny would not counter with a war frigate of their own. In the last turn, Universe A passed Tyranny and claimed two point victory after trailing in points the entire round. The fourth and fifth round saw some more war frigate play by the defenders (fielded in round five by Tyranny) securing the rounds and the island.

Madam Yu-Jian marks Kirin

On Saturday June 8th, the brigand king, Madam Yu-Jian dropped on Kirin Island, after hitting Corona Reef two weeks before, due to a flotilla that spawned off of Corona. The blockade was alongside two other blockades at both Nu, and Orca Island. However the flags at those blockades let Universe A job to around 50 people before posting their offers, so that the BK could still be beaten. The BK was an 8-strength, which was the highest in Cerulean history, as of June 8th. The BK was completely sunk at the beginning of Round 3, as the BK refused to spawn any boats in the last 20 minutes of Round 2, making a third round defense required for the first fifteen minutes.

Terra's tax troubles

On Sunday June 30, 2013, the flag Universe A dropped on Terra Island with the proposal to lower taxes to 0% from the current 100% that the defending flag Fallen had set in place. After the forum intent to drop on Terra, Fallen announced they would not be defending Terra Island so the flag Tyranny dropped on Terra Island at 8:00am PT, after previously announced that Universe A would be dropping at 12:00pm PT on the same day. Universe A shifted their plans and showed up at 8:00am to contend against the other attacking flag Tyranny.

Before the beginning of round 1, there was a pay war between the two flags, which went up to 3.5k/seg, (the highest pay in Cerulean history at the time.) After Universe A stopped raising pay, Tyranny continued to raise it to 4k/seg, then 6k/seg. Five minutes before the round began, Tyranny dropped their pay to 3.5k/seg to match Universe A, as an attempt to grab jobbers with the higher wages being flashed in front of their faces.

After the first two rounds, Universe A was up 2-0, and Tyranny decided to pull another trick. Right before round 3 began, Tyranny lowered their pay to 1k/seg, then the round started, so Universe A was unable to match, making pay, 3.5k/seg to 1k/seg. It was clear at this point Tyranny had accepted defeat, but wanted to try to sabotage future plans for Universe A. Tyranny continued to bring boats into the board, and the third round was won by Universe A by over 200 points.

During this blockade Tyranny also dropped on Cranberry and Garden Cradle, they lost at Garden Cradle due to the fact they had to keep all of their jobbers at Terra. They did win Cranberry which was uncontested. This left the principal of their triple blockade as a mere success.

Double trouble: Park/Terra

On Saturday, July 20th, 2013, Universe A blockaded Park Island, which at the time, was being held by What The Falchion. Ten minutes after the drop of the Park blockade, Undertow dropped on Terra Island, putting Universe A both in the attacking, and defending positions.

In the first round at Park, the jobbing was even, and UA was short on people, as they had to send a junk to Terra to contest against Undertow, which gave the defenders a small advantage boat-wise. However, WTF was unwilling to let their boats sink, and because of this, they took a bunch of boats off points to go and get fresh ships, so they didn't sink, which gave UA a huge lead, and eventually the round.

The second round saw some war frigate play, and one of the worst boards (points-wise) in Cerulean history, with every point but 1 being ocean-side, a huge advantage for UA, but WTF did not even attempt to cover points, making it a an easy round for UA as well.

Round 3, WTF gathered all their jobbers onto a war frigate of 60 people. Universe A covered points until there was about 20 minutes left, then took them all off the board and brought a grand frigate with 60 people in to play with the war frigate. Unfortunately the WTF war frigate ran off the board when chased, and the GF sat on points until the end of the blockade.

All the while at Terra, Universe A successfully defended with a junk and sloop against Undertow's war brig and 2 sloops.

Terra's collapse

On August 31st, 2013, Universe A was hit at Terra by Panic at 12:00pm PST. The blockade was the worst performance in UA history due to a number of people failing to show up to the blockade. On the day of the blockade, UA was supposed to have six navvers, and a jobbing contact, that were all highly trained, and had done their respective jobs many times before. However, on the day of the actual blockade, three of the navvers, and no JC showed. One of the three navvers had to take over the role of jobbing contact, leaving two of the regular team ready to defend Terra. UA rummaged up a few navvers they had not navved with, or had never navved before, but even then, the numbers were limited to a team of four, and a jobbing contact.

Regardless, the defense still took place, and UA started with a decent group to contest against Panic's attacking effort. Round 1 was in UA's hands the entire round, until on the farthest ocean side cluster, where the battle was being won by UA, their navver disconnected, and was sunk in 3 turns of constant shot (8x per turn.) This brought the score within 20 points for the rest of the round, and even then UA should have won the round easily, but due to miscommunication, and failure to listen to the admiral, boats were not covering the correct clusters, and the round was lost by 15 points.

Round 2, was a heavy ocean side board, giving an immediate advantage to the attackers, however UA had a jobber advantage of 10-20 bodies. This round also should have been won, but due to such a short nav staff, UA had to keep upgrading into larger boats, forcing a frig to be used, when it was not in a good position. With only two experienced navvers, and two who had never blockade navved before, Zarchi decided at the end of Round 2 that there was no point in continuing, and UA pulled out of the blockade. Failure to follow through, and failure to co-ordinate due to the new navvers, and Panic's impressive nav team, ultimately killed UA's chances of defending Terra another day.

Corona Reef and the end of the Maniacal Menagerie alliance

As summer closed, and Maniacal Menagerie was nowhere to be seen for months, they were dropped on by Panic, on all of their islands except Corona Reef. When royals in the flag logged on they were contacted by Universe A, in the attempt to help with a defense, their appeals to help were ignored, and so Universe A, and some active members of MM decided to drop on Corona Reef, and take it under the care of a more active flag. With three uncontested rounds, Universe A was the new owner of Corona Reef, and all of their other islands were flagsat and taken by Panic. The long standing alliance between Maniacal Menagerie and Universe A had been terminated, UA tried to contact MM to re-ally, or help in taking back their islands, but these appeals were too ignored.

Gretchen Goldfang chooses Corona

A few weeks after the taking of Corona Reef from MM, a flotilla one league off of Corona dropped. This flotilla, was Gretchen Goldfang's of the flag Jinx. The blockade was overjobbed by a flag sitting blockade, which would not let go of jobbers, and because of this during round 1, UA was only able to bring in a war frigate, and a war brig, about twenty minutes into the round. The three strength BK brought in four frigates, a xebec, and a war brig for the first round, which proved challenging for one frig and brig.

As the second round began, UA fielded three fully manned boats, a war frigate, war brig, and a junk, and they set to finish off the BK. After about twenty five minutes of fighting, the BK had been defeated and UA had successfully defended Corona Reef.

Rebounding against Panic

After a miserable loss at Terra a few months ago, Universe A was once again attacked by Panic, this time at Spring Island. However, this time UA was ready for action. As the drop was announced, UA rallied for support, and made sure to have a full team of navigators as to give Panic a proper defense. As the blockade began UA had a jobber advantage of around five. However the difference came down to great navigating, which UA provided during round 1.

As round 2 dawned, UA had a jobber lead of around twenty, and their extra boat on top of talented navigating lead to an easy victory of this round. Round 3 however, UA allowed Panic to catch up in jobbing my not matching pay, and the UA nav team had it's worst round of the blockade. After sinking more times in this round than all the others combined, UA found themselves at a loss for round 3, while Panic happily forced a round 4.

After the hour long break, UA found themselves with another jobbing advantage, despite not matching Panic's pay in an attempt to make it more even, and the round was easily won by Universe A, securing the blockade with a final score of 3-1. As the blockade came to a close, Universe A and its team knew it made up for their mistakes at Terra.

Madam Yu Jian marks Kirin, again!

On Saturday April 5, 2014, the brigand king, Madam Yu-Jian dropped on Kirin Island for the second time, and once again Universe A was there and ready to defend. After two rounds of pummeling, UA had nearly completely killed off the seven strength attacker. Halfway into round 3, the BK was completely defeated and Kirin was successfully defended in three rounds.

Universe A strikes Legendary Booties; Legendary Booties strike back

Just one week after their defense at Kirin, UA was involved in another blockade as it dropped on Lagniappe Island on April 12, 2014. The pay started high at 3,000/seg and the first two rounds were tightly fought. Round one was won by UA with good navigating from the whole team, however in round two the UA team were severely outplayed and the round was lost. After that, round three and four were easily won with better driving and a small influx of jobbers.

One week after UA's successful attack on Lagniappe, Legendary Booties struck back at Spring, dropping at 12pm PST on Easter Sunday. After shuffling around some plans and finding the time to defend, UA came out and successfully defend Spring in three rounds. This was also a high paying, sinking blockade, and UA's navigation team came out much stronger than the week before, sinking over twenty of LB's ships while only losing six of their own.

Four weeks and counting

After three weeks of blockading against both Madam Yu Jian, and Legendary Booties twice, Universe A was attacked again by Illusion. As always, Universe A was ready and accounted for! On Sunday April 27, 2014, Universe A defended against its fourth attack in four weeks. Universe A came out strong in round 1, despite Illusion putting a frigate into play, UA outmaneuvered it and secured the round. The second round also saw a frigate on the side of Illusion which UA did not match, however with thirteen of the fifteen points on the board being oceanside, the frigate proved to be the deciding factor (along with the oceanside clusters). After two rounds the blockade was tied at 1-1, and UA refocused and reconfigured their mindsets. UA came out strong in round 3 and despite there being a very large oceanside cluster, UA was able to contest it while maintaining control of stray points across the board which eventually gave them the lead. A large part of their points incline was due to the fact that they got an Illusion war brig to 95% damage and left it off points for over twenty minutes, securing the round. After the hour long break, UA came in hard and easily secured the round with over a 400 point gap as Illusion did not contest an 8-point flag sitting war brig that was oceanside for almost half the round, but rather chased some other boats around with the intention of sinking them. This final round closed the blockade leaving UA with 3 rounds, to Illusion's 1. This was the twentieth victory in Universe A history, and they were the first flag to achieve said milestone in Cerulean history.

Kirin XIX

At 5:30pm PST on Saturday January 17, Universe A successfully defended Kirin from Flag of Fun in a three round, 3-0 blockade. Although Universe's A navigating was not up to their usual standard, they managed to prevail as they outjobbed Flag of Fun by 10-20 during the blockade, even though they did not match FoF's pay in an attempt to allow them to catch up in jobbers. The first two rounds were both won due to a small junk vs. junk skirmish and then junk flagsitting to secure enough points for UA to win the round, however the other battles were mostly won by FoF. After two rounds FoF pulled out and both flags sent their jobbers to Oyster to help Carpe Noctem defend from a BK attack. It was because of the overwhelming jobbing support that Universe A prevailed in this blockade and for that they are very grateful.

Turtle XXV

At 12:00pm PST on Saturday March 21, Universe A successfully attacked Turtle, taking it from Dies Irae in a three round, 3-0 blockade. During Round 1, UA outjobbed DI by 40 jobbers which made for an easy victory for the round. In Round 2, UA was up 10 jobbers and with them fielded two sloops which were able to run around avoiding smaller ships collecting points to help secure the second round. After two rounds DI decided to pull out and UA was successful in their 25th blockade.

The end of an era

On May 19, 2015. Universe A officially came to a close with a renaming of the flag to a new name of "Resurgence", and the stepping down of the active monarch, Zarchi. Universe A's goodbye post can be found here. Universe A ended with a total of twenty-five wins, in a total of twenty-seven blockades, finishing with a 92.59% win percentage.

Public statement

We're the ones who knock.

Extended public statement

Recruiting crews and pirates, apply with any royal today!

Thanks for jobbing with us at the Jorvik Island blockade! We look forward to seeing you all and others on the blockade board soon!


  • Currently has the most victories in Cerulean history in blockades with a total of twenty-five. (May 3, 2015)
  • Currently has the third most blockades participated in in Cerulean history, with a total of twenty-seven. (as of May 3, 2015)
  • First flag in Cerulean history to participate in a blockade, every weekend of a month. (April 2014)

Blockades at a glance

Click [show] to view the complete blockade list
# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 22 July 2012 Orca XXV Attacking no Bedlam vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
2 25 August 2012 Beta XIV Attacking no Catastrophe vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
3 25 August 2012 Olive XVII Attacking no Catastrophe vs. Universe A, The Art of War 0:3:1 Won island
4 21 October 2012 Namath XIV Attacking no Trans-Atlantic Empire vs. Tyranny, Universe A 0:0:3 Won island
5 21 October 2012 Cranberry XXV Attacking no Trans-Atlantic Empire vs. Tyranny, Universe A 2:2:1 Didn't win island
6 24 November 2012 Spring XVII Attacking yes The Enlightened vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
7 23 Febuary 2013 Kirin XIV Attacking yes In Love and War vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
8 9 March 2013 Papaya XIX Attacking yes Riding High vs. Universe A, Elements of Fear 0:3:0 Won island
9 16 March 2013 Papaya XX Defending yes Universe A vs. Riding High 3:0 Defended island
10 12 May 2013 Kirin XV Defending yes Universe A vs. Tyranny 3:2 Defended island
11 8 June 2013 Kirin XVI Defending yes Universe A vs. The Jade Empire 3:0 Defended island
12 30 June 2013 Terra XXIX Attacking yes Fallen vs. Universe A, Tyranny 0:3:0 Won island
13 20 July 2013 Park XIV Attacking yes What The Falchion vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
14 20 July 2013 Terra XXX Defending yes Universe A vs. Undertow 3:0 Defended island
15 31 August 2013 Terra XXXI Defending yes Universe A vs. Panic 0:3 Lost island
16 22 September 2013 Corona XVI Attacking no Maniacal Menagerie vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
17 3 November 2013 Corona XVII Defending yes Universe A vs. Jinx 3:1 Defended island
18 1 March 2014 Spring XVIII Defending yes Universe A vs. Panic 3:1 Defended island
19 5 April 2014 Kirin XVII Defending yes Universe A vs. The Jade Empire 3:0 Defended island
20 12 April 2014 Lagniappe XII Attacking yes Legendary Booties vs. Universe A 1:3 Won island
21 20 April 2014 Spring XIX Defending yes Universe A vs. Legendary Booties 3:0 Defended island
22 27 April 2014 Kirin XVIII Defending yes Universe A vs. Illusion 3:1 Defended island
23 17 January 2015 Kirin XIX Defending yes Universe A vs. Flag of Fun 3:0 Defended island
24 28 February 2015 Tigerleaf XXVI Attacking no Cerulean's Most Wanted vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
25 21 March 2015 Turtle XXV Attacking yes Dies Irae vs. Universe A 0:3 Won island
26 26 April 2015 Turtle XXVI Defending yes Universe A vs. Fallen 3:0 Defended island
27 3 May 2015 Jorvik XXXVIII Attacking yes Jinx vs. Universe A 1:3 Won island

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