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Undertow at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Fedorov of Voodoo People
Member crew(s) Pink Floyd, Voodoo People
Founded 18 June, 2010
Allies none
Wars none
Last updated on 3 December, 2017
Favicon.png Flag Info

Undertow is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean. The flag was founded by Fedorov as CCCP on the retired Midnight Ocean.

Public statement

They're here!

Blockade history

  • 05.17.2014 - Legendary Booties hold an event, a race in which the winning flag was to be awarded the island of Remora. Black Flag Inc won the event and decided to transfer the island to Undertow. Ten days later, on May 27th 2014, the transfer was complete.
  • 06.14.2014 - Undertow successfully defended Remora against Evil Pirates 3-0. Evil Pirates only were able to show up for 1 round, staffing a single sloop. Round 2 and 3 were point sits.
  • Conglin 2014, 09.21.2014 - Undertow won the island three rounds to one against What The Falchion. The ruling flag did not show up to defend. There were a few small attempts to defend by other parties, but they were unsuccessful. This marked the first time Undertow has won an island independently.
  • Conglin 2015, 03.14.2015 - Undertow with the help of Vampoman, Cordles, Annarinda and her flag Sushicide and many other hearties (you know who you are mates!!! Thank ye!) ALL successfully defended the island against a Babylon flag Vox Nihili 3-0.
  • Harmattan 2015, 03.14.2015 - Vox Nihili defended their island 3-2 against Undertow. Round 5 was a point sit.
  • Conglin 2015, 07.11.2015 - Undertow lost Conglin 3-0 to the flag named Babylon. I do what I want were also contenders for the island. Undertow withdrew after Round 1 of the blockade.
  • Conglin 2015, 07.19.2015 - Undertow Regained Conglin 3-0 from the flag named Babylon. I do what I want and Vampoman helped Undertow regain the island.
  • Conglin 2015, 07.26.2015 - Babylon came back and point sat the island 3-0. Some time later Babylon scuttled the island to Barnabas the Pale. Conglin is currently a BK island.
  • Iris 2017, 01.08.2017 - Undertow won the island 3-1 against a Babylon ally, Bathrobe Army. The ruling flag did not show up to defend but had Babylon defend for them in Round 1. Rounds 2-4 were point sits.
  • Iris II 2017, 01.15.2017 - Babylon regained island 3-0 in an uncontested point sit. Undertow made a transfer intent post where Iris was to be transferred to Crabcat and the flag The Hermitcrabcats. However, Babylon interfered the transfer and claimed Iris.
  • Remora 2017, 01.22.2017 - Undertow won the island 3-0 against The Phoenix Rises. A flag sent by Babylon, Davy Jones' Locker, contested in Round 1 but were routed from the map resulting in an easy win for Undertow.
  • Remora II 2017, 01.22.2017 - Undertow scuttled Remora Island to BK Vargas the Mad.
  • Angelfish 2017, 04.02.2017 - Crimson Tide won the blockade 3-0 against Undertow. The Ocean Masters cancelled the blockade before round 3 start despite Undertow having a Junk with 12 jobbers on the Notice Board. The blockade was cancelled because Undertow failed to score a single point in round 2. Ocean Masters ended the blockade with the score of 6-0 in favor of Crimson Tide.
  • Chaparral 2017, 04.22.2017 - Undertow won the island 3-0 against Falling Stars. A few days later Undertow scuttled Chaparral to Admiral Finus. The blockade ended with a score of 3-1 in favor of Undertow as Babylon decided to defend the isle for the defenders. A few days later Chaparral was scuttled again.
  • Dendrite 2017, 08.26.2017 - Undertow won island 3-0 in an uncontested blockade against The Stumbling Solo. Few days later, Dendrite was scuttled to Admiral Finius.
  • Harmattan 2017, 08.27.2017 - Undertow won island 3-0 in an uncontested blockade against LeanBoys. This is the first time that Undertow held 2 islands at the same time. This also marks the first time Undertow held a medium island and 2 islands at same time. Harmattan was scuttled to Admiral Finius a few days later.