Trans-Atlantic Empire

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Trans-Atlantic Empire at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Mousebeard of Mice of Vengeance
Member crew(s) Mice of Vengeance, Moose of Doom, Moogles of Mischief, Tears of Vengeance
Founded 10 August, 2004
Allies Broadsiders, Carpe Noctem, Evolution, Family Ties, Liberty Hull, Looterati, Pandora's Box, Ruby Ring, Silver Dawn
Wars None
Last updated on 25 October, 2016
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Trans-Atlantic Empire is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. It was founded August 10, 2004.

Conquest of Cranberry

Trans-Atlantic Empire wanted to colonize Cranberry Island in the Ruby Archipelago. Ruby was already home to two other island-owning flags: Looterati and Silver Dawn. When Cranberry was opened for colonization, Tyr's Own wished to colonize it, too. Looterati and Silver Dawn, mindful of their stormy relationship with Tyr's Own, decided to defend Cranberry against all contenders, including Trans-Atlantic Empire. At Cranberry I, Tyr's Own and Trans-Atlantic Empire each won a single round; the other five were won by the island's defenders, and the island remained uncolonized.

A week later, Trans-Atlantic Empire blockaded Cranberry again (Cranberry II). This time, Silver Dawn actively aided them; Looterati also informally assisted. Shortly before the start of round 4, Tyr's Own dropped a war chest. This brought even more players to Trans-Atlantic Empire's side, and they won the island in seven straight rounds.

Two weeks later, Robertdonald's alt flag Trans-Pacific Empire blockaded Cranberry and Nu Island in an attempt to draw Carpe Noctem's allies away from Luthien I. This failed, and Trans-Atlantic Empire defended the island 6 rounds to 3.

A week later, another alt flag, Sea The Constellation, blockaded Cranberry due to an internal Trans-Atlantic Empire conflict involving Ridestowe and his relationship with Robertdonald. Although Trans-Atlantic Empire won this blockade, Cranberry IV, in a six-round shutout, it was the flag's fourth blockade in five consecutive weekends.

Yet another week later, DOOFIS blockaded Cranberry, again because of the Ridestowe issue. Rather than fight a never-ending sequence of blockades, Trans-Atlantic Empire negotiated with Ridestowe, granting him the distillery Raining Cats and Grog. Although the blockade was still held, no attackers showed because of the completed negotiations. Without attackers, Trans-Atlantic Empire easily defended in six rounds.

Trans-Atlantic Empire lost control of Cranberry Island to the flag Blighted on July 29, 2007, in the Cranberry VII blockade, and then regained it by taking on The Widow Queen in the Cranberry IX blockade.

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