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Culliford is a pirate on the Cerulean and Ice Oceans. He spends most of his time on citadel runs, which fund his blockade habit.


Culliford is named after the historical pirate Robert Culliford.

Culliford started on Midnight in early 2004 as a free player. He promptly used up his free days and made a new account to give himself more time to make a decision on whether to subscribe or not. He did, but with the pirate name Bigbeardbob, in the crew Lords of the Fallen Sun in the flag Dream Reapers. He left LotFS shortly after it formed Black Sails to start a crew with Raabitias, who had given him his officer training.

Then, deciding he wanted to start fresh, he created the pirate Culiford, spawned on Guava, and was promptly recruited by Anderson for his crew The Bluenoser's, where he was shortly promoted to the rank of senior officer. The Bluenoser's were part of Dark Judgement, and Culliford rose to be a titled member. However, before they set their sights on Lagniappe, Raabitias convinced him to rejoin him in the flag Cold Steel.

While in Cold Steel, the name Culliford became available again, so he deleted Culiford to replace it with the proper spelling. In 2008 he became a Titled Member. In 2009 he stepped up and helped lead the attack on Cnossos as admiral, and was elected as the Governor of Cnossos. In 2010 he stepped down as governor and took up a royalty position which he still holds. He is currently the captain of The Furies, Cold Steel's blockade crew.

In July 2012, he founded the flag Universe A with Zarchi and Fonshizzle to blockade Orca Island. They then decided to continue blockading islands, and in August double-dropped on Beta and Olive Islands. Culliford holds a royalty position in Universe A with his alt pirate Downpour.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Captain of The Furies
  • Prince of Cold Steel
  • Former Governor of Cnossos Island
  • Prince of Universe A

Renamed Vessels

Sloop dock.png
  • Oh My Goodness
  • Skeleton Bone