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UEFA Champions League

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UEFA Champions League at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Gulfstream
Senior Officer(s) Hops, Malex.
Politics Autocratic
Shares Promotion Pays
Flag Affiliation Brutal Fate
Founded 23 December, 2010
Last updated on 30 December, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-UEFA Champions League.jpg

UEFA Champions League is the last and will be the final crew founded and leading by Gulfstream on the Sage Ocean, currently named Emerald after merging with Hunter. The crew is based on military approach and methods defining the organization structure, procedures and aims, so all hardcore puzzlers, explorers and battling pirates will be warm welcomed in the league.

"UEFA ? > the Unique Entertainment of the Fighting Addiction <" because everyone knows that the captain is hopelessly addicted to PvP. However the crew has ambitions to reach more Europeans and fans of the greatest game - football (soccer), and introduce them the world of Puzzle Pirates. The crew is UEFA Champions League's FAN CLUB, so, choose your favorite Club or player as your alt pirate's name and join them!


Public statement

United Emerald's Faithful Admirals = UEFA

Extended public statement

• PROMOTING RULES of the THIRD 'UEFA' AGE (since 2612.2013):

* Officer - at least Navy Lieutenant;

* Fleet Officer - at least Navy Commander with 'Broad Battle Navigator' trophy;

* Senior Officer - Navy Admiral with 'Third Order of the Jolly Roger' trophy;

* Captaincy - Breaking the current Gulfstream's records (YPPedia) as SO of the crew.

• Navy Ranks & required time on service (puzzling), which is APPROXIMATE equivalent of the amount of overall Duty Reports [during one or many Navy missions, even unfinished]:

Duty Reports - Navy Ranks

0 - Stowaway

5 - Apprentice Sailor

10 - Sailor

20 - Petty Officer

43 - Chief Petty Officer

75 - Ensign

150 - Lieutenant

340 - Lieutenant Commander

740 - Commander

1500 - Captain

2250 - Admiral


'Unfair Effectiveness & Fearless Advantage'.

(13.08.2013 - 26.12.2013).


as at first 'UEFA' (crew) age - 'Unique Entertainment of the Fighting Addiction'

(23.12.2010 - 12.06.2013).


We prefer to follow the common good of the crew, but those who aren't informed about our way - check YPPedia's crew page.


The crew originally was in the flag Brutal Fate, but in the middle of April in the year 2011, they went to Olympian Armada as act of the captain's ultimate loyalty to Tabath and as a sign for all rebel crews and flags that together they could bring down the old rulers of Sage. Six months later the captain found himself 'useless prince' in OA and the crew went back to Brutal Fate.

  • On June 12, 2013 Gulfstream merged the crew into Glimmer of Light in order of his planned absence.
  • On August 13, 2013 Gulfstream reestablished the crew name, starting the SECOND 'UEFA' AGE - 'Unfair Effectiveness + Fearless Advantage = League of Champions'
  • On December 26, 2013 - when Gulfstream has been awarded with Trophy-Fifth Order of the Jolly Roger.png, the crew entered into the III AGE - 'United Emerald's Faithful Admirals'.


First crew age (23.12.2010 - 12.06.2013)

Expedition pillages

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew's longest single expedition pillage (100 expos / 22 hours) was on 28 November 2012, using the war brig Brutal Fate:

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew's most successful single expo-pillage (72 expos / 16 1/2 hours) was on 12 February 2012 using the war brig 'Immortal Barcelona':

  • 23 Imperial outpost, only one non-sinking;
  • 48 Viking raids;
  • 1 Buried Treasure (Foraging)
  • 8 sea battles without losses;
  • Voyage total division: 1,184,824 PoE, and a lot of commodities including 1 kraken's blood.

Imperials / illustrious standings

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew reached the status imperials of illustrious fame on 22 March, 2011 (Sage ocean time) - in less than 3 months since the beginning of the crew.

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew reached the status on 3 April, 2012 - 2 months since the beginning of the Emerald Ocean.

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg On Emerald the crew first reached the status imperials/illustrious within #1 in crew fame (9 April, 2012).

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew reached and held almost one month the absolute #1 standing since 9 April, 2012.

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew reached the status on 8 November, 2012.

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg The crew reached for second time the status imperials/illustrious within #1 in crew fame (2 Dec., 2012).


Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg The highest set of crew's reputations was on 20 April, 2012:

Team competitions

The crew has taken part in Team Competitions.

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew was in the winning team Icon Fearless Freebooters.png Fearless Freebooters for the 'The Tyrant's Toadies' - 2011 Summer events.

Art-Deltaruler-Star.jpg Crew was in the winning team Icon Howling Hunters.png Howling Hunters for the 'Tooth and Nail' - 2011 Halloween events.

Internal events during the first crew age

Events celebrating the first place in crew fame / Spring '12

  • 8-14 April, 2012 - the first 10 crew members (ranked Pirate) who reached illustrious standing in at least one reputation, no matter which, have been awarded with 100k PoE. Winners list:
1. Newlordnew (Magnate); 2. Azbard (Magnate); 3. Exhile (Magnate); 4. Fillius (Magnate); 5. Ramcon (Magnate); 6. Swagman (Magnate); 7. Naranga (Magnate); 8. Constructor (Magnate); 9. Angatur (Magnate); 10. Prashtamada (Magnate).
  • 14-15 of April, 2012; NO RANK LIMITS - Gulfstream has been buying won Brigand King's trinkets with starting date - 14 of April and with the crew member's name on it. The first 50 trinkets have been bought for 25k each. The first 3 pirates with most delivered trinkets have been awarded with extra items. Winners list:
1. Ramcon - 16 > Deed to the Sloop 'Well-Behaved Alewife'; 2. Akihabara - 12 > Chroma (indigo)x4; 3. Swagman - 11 > Chroma (sea green)x3; 4. Darek-east - 4; 7. Exzaminer -3; 5. Sethatreides - 2; 6. Isprayzz - 2; 8. Legando - 1.
  • 14 April - 2 May, 2012; NO RANK LIMITS - first 3 crew members who reached Illustrious Patron Reputation have been awarded with 250k, 150k and 100k PoE. Winners list:
1. County; 2. Hibyeman; 3. Lantern.
  • 21 of April - 6 of may, 2012; NO RANK LIMITS - any time when Gulfstream logg in he will award one pirate with 2 trinkets (1 BK and one IO) by alphabetic order again and again...

Events celebrating the first place in crew fame / Winter '12

CREW EVENTS 23 Nov - 23 Dec /all payments - in the last week of the events/:

  • "Wins:0 BONUSES" - starts from 5:0 wins dividing screenshot (make it by using command /print or other screening application, uploading somewhere (free host) and sending the link/posting in crew news as well/ to Gulfstream:

...5:0 = 5k ...6:0 = 6k ...7:0 = 7k ...;

  • "Sell your BK trinkets" - all Brigand King trinkets dated 23 Nov - 23 Dec within the crew member's name you could sell to your captain for 10k of PoE Extra bonus for the pirate with most sold trinkets - Sloop. [[FINISHED > payment available <]];
  • "Reputation BONUS" - each pirate's illustrious reputation will be awarded once with 5k PoE.
  • Patron reputation Illustrious - 100k. Only for Pirate ranked members on the list since Dec 10, 2012 8:00:08 AM PST on the Emerald ocean.

Champions' manual

Champions' handbook

Crew art

Art-Deltaruler-UEFA Champions League.jpg

Other links

Crew's page on Facebook

Captain's Facebook page

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