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In my dreams...
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Exhile is a pirate on Emerald Ocean. He is part of the crew Igneous Pneuma. Exhile constantly enters contests and leads elite pillages. His pirate was created originally on the Hunter Ocean.

Contests Won

7 April, received honorable mention in Apollo's Easter Easel 2009 competition, winning a Phillite egg:

  1. Exile's Entry
  2. Annoncement Post
  3. Original Competition Rules | Original Entry Thread

1 Nov, received 4th Place in Rebel Rousers's 'Prose for Clothes' competition, winning a Maroon/Mint Fez, Pen, Paper, and Scroll:

  1. Exile's Entry
  2. Competition Page

18 May, received 1st Place in Friday the 13th - FORTify yourself! competition, winning a Black Cat:

  1. Exile's Entry
  2. Competition Page

31 Jan, received 10th Place in Rebel Rousers's 'Ancient Hunter History' competition, winning a portrait:

  1. Competition Page

15 Feb, received 4th Place in Chocorose's 'YoHoHero' competition, winning a portrait easel:

  1. Competition Page
  2. Entry Post
  3. Avatar going along with post.
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