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Stupidjerk is a half Japanese, half Filipino pirate. She started playing on August 18, 2007 on the Viridian Ocean but is currently active on the Emerald Ocean. She likes carpentry, navigating and distilling.



During the creation of a pirate, she entered many different names only for them to be taken already. Annoyed and being a 13 years old at the time, she thought "Then how about THIS?! Let's see if this one's taken already!" and entered the name Stupidjerk. To her surprise (?) it was available and so she's stuck by it since. There's not a day in her pirate life where other pirates won't tell her "nice name lol" or "jerk haha" or any of its variations. There's also not a day in her pirate life where she isn't shaking while worrying the OMs would ban her for her name.

Viridian Saga

When she was still a greenie, she got dockpressed and was forced to join some small crew. Later on, she met Vanesaro, a senior officer of the crew FME Airlines Arizona. Vanesaro always ran pillages and took Stupidjerk with her, and taught her many things about the game. Sadly, Vanesaro left on September, saying she wanted to focus on school, which left Stupidjerk wandering alone.

On November 10, 2007, she jobbed in one of Arrgaretha's pillages and joined the crew Still Of The Night. And even though Miss Arrgaretha may not remember, she was the one who gave Stupidjerk the nickname "SJ". SJ went on many fun pillages with Still of the Night but got attracted to the officer position Kingbrandon offered her. She unhesitatingly (and unfortunately) joined his crew, Brigand Hunters, and rose to the rank of senior officer in about 2 weeks without proper officer training.

On December 16, 2007, she jobbed for Jordan's Revenge, the "enemy" (for some unknown reason) of her previous crew FME Airlines Arizona. She couldn't take all the attacking JR was doing to her previous crew and decided to go back. She was ranked as a fleet officer there until her friend, Booteful (who wanted no "crew wars"), decided to make her own crew and invited her in. She became a senior officer in Scallywags of Viridian until some misunderstandings have occurred and the crew was merged with Degeneration X.

She went crew-hopping then became dormant for a while, but then decided to go back and make her own crew We r teh lolcats (it is forever a mystery what possessed her to name it like this) which she merged with Devine Rapier, a crew full of her fellow Filipinos, which she later merged with Trouble.

After reconciling with Booteful, she joined the crew Hell's Wrath until Booteful formed a new crew The Champions. The crew consists of her many good friends, mainly her fellow senior officers Redhhat, Harrysmash, Demeno, Legendace and of course the captain Booteful. They went on many fun pillages together, with Stupidjerk being the charter and navigator of the crew as she liked navigating and memming. Prior to the merge, she has memmed about 95% of the Viridian ocean. It was because of school, work, and other real-life events that caused her to play less and go dormant.

Emerald Saga

After years of absence, she returned on 2020 and migrated to the Emerald Ocean, the merged Hunter and Sage ocean. There, she joined the crew Social Distancing.


  • Pegleg - Jan. 3, 2010 (GMT+9) Sunk while attacking The Widow Queen's flotilla in the Viridian ocean.

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