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Trouble at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Kcoolaid
Senior Officer(s) Ahoymatey, Anzukai, Aquaben, Arrguile, Bentacore, Dack, Demoncowboy, Feind, Hugsdrkside, Ibaapzo, Icekubes, Mitchiie, Mustaido, Remre, Seiraa, Sirnapsalot, Veryberry, Yahoohoople
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Tsunami
Founded 26 August, 2012
Last updated on 4 December, 2014
Favicon.png Crew Info

Trouble is a crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of Tsunami.

Public statement

C'mon and make some Trouble. You know you wanna!

Extended public statement

Trouble! Trouble was here afore I was Twas old long afore I was born - Started back when they thought snakes was they friends And from Eden were so roughly torn. Now you'll find trouble all over In the air, on the land and at sea; But all troubles ain't the troubles I love mates, My belov’d has a capital T. So we sail and Trouble comes with us! She's our friend and our home, she's our Crew! And woe there will be when we find ye at sea, 'Cause ye all must give Trouble her due! Cause no one alive can beat Trouble! But ye might jus’ make her yer friend, Cause Trouble don't stop, always comes out on top We all know that Trouble don’ end. Tis said “if ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” And I say that in this case it’s so So get a stick and a bludgeon, ya stubborn curmudgeon - Let’s pilly for KB and PoE!

Crew articles

Trouble is a crew of friends and family that has fun, encouragement and non-judgement as its guiding principles. Be who you are, treat us fairly, puzzle to your heart's content, joke around (when we're not in battle!) and you will rise through the ranks. There is affection and laughter in this crew; and it's inclusive. We want you to join us and add to the mix. Because, let's face it - you've always been in trouble anyway - why not get in it with a capital T?

Promotion requirements

Promotions aren't only based on objective criteria. As much as anything we want to know that this is your place; that you like it here and want to make it your Puzzlin' home...that you're mature in attitude if not in years and that you wanna make trouble outside the crew - not in it...anyway, here's the lowdown:

Cabin Person to Pirate

You won't be here long. Join the crew, pillage with us a bit, show a gain in experience or ability, ask an Officer and buy the Pirate badge. Simple enough! We don' need no Cabin People! ;-)

Pirate to Officer

Foremost, maturity and good judgement when dealing with your crewbies. Secondly, time in the crew so we know you and you know us. Yes - stats have some bearing too - Bilge, Sails, Guns and Carp ought to be at broad....there are some internal guidelines, but remember - stats aren't the primary focus. We know that you're anxious for promotion, but do not buy the badge until a Senior Officer approaches you. And please, when the time comes...and you have to ask about being promoted or burst...ask the Captain or a Senior Officer in tells, do NOT ask in crew chat. You may ask once and once only. We

a) want to promote people as fast as is wise,
b) are watching the ranks looking for people to promote and
c) don't want to hold anyone back.

We want you pillaging and helping us make Trouble. And we'll help you do it as soon as we can with a promotion, training, help finding a boat and advice.

Officer to Fleet Officer

To make the jump from Officer to Fleet Officer you must have the trust of the Captain and Senior Officers and a high level of activity in the crew; pillaging, encouraging Pirates and fellow Officers and recruiting new members to our crew. A Fleet Officer is not just an Officer who's been here a while. A Fleet Officer is someone that the Captain and Senior Officers consider an exceptional crewbie and a person who in time will join their ranks. Do not ask for this rank. It's a test. If you ask, you aren't patient enough yet. But, so you know, we want to promote you - it's fun! And we want the crew to grow and that won't happen if the upper ranks are closed - they're not. Be the best crewmate and Officer you can be and we'll show you they aren't.

Fleet Officer to Senior Officer

Simple - the Captain and Senior Officers think it's obvious that you should be among them. A Senior Officer in Trouble is, in the opinion of the Captain, almost a co-Captain his or herself, with authority to promote, demote and make decisions that effect the crew, with no more questioning then would be required to answer "why". They are people we trust with something that we take seriously even while we're having fun. You won't have to ask for this promotion, we'll know when it's time.

Senior Officer to Captain

This one you decide for yourself. We're a family and like a family people leave to forge their own path with the help and blessing of those they are leaving. Let me know when you are thinking that you may want to be a Captain and I will do every single thing I can do to help.

Crew rules

  1. Please ask PTB (Permission to Board) before boarding a ship with only one or two crewmembers on it and has not been announced as a crew pillage.
  2. Do NOT leave a ship in battle except in a case of emergency. If you have to go - say so in vessel chat and say why - then let the Officer in Charge decide whether or not to plank you.
  3. Please watch your use of language. Specifically: don’t cuss. It’s silly to claim that “it slipped out” or “it’s a habit” - you had to type it. Cussing won’t spice up chat in an interesting way, but it will earn the ire of the Captain.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The officers are there to help you.