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Slughorn is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He is currently ranked as a fleet officer in the crew -Perfection-.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Slughorn first signed in to Puzzle Pirates in about 2004. He started on the Viridian Ocean, with a character called Hargid. In August, 2005, he started playing on the Sage Ocean, with his current character, Slughorn.

Slughorn has been a highly ranked member in a number of crews. Some of his previously held ranks include that he was a fleet officer in the crew 'Numero Uno', and an officer in the crews 'Death Wish', 'Swashbucklers of Sage', and 'Infernal Crimson Elite'. Slughorn is also a former fleet officer of the crew 'Twilight', and a former senior officer of the crew 'SATISfaction'.

Slughorn is a skilled puzzler. He considered himself to be good at navigation, drinking, swordfighting, and treasure drop. He also felt that he was bad at sailing, but he got his pre-captain/friend, Blackbone, to cheer him up. His standing in sailing then improved (but his standing in navigation went down). Slughorn now holds the ultimate puzzle standing trophies for an amazing six puzzles. These include swordfighting, treasure haul, treasure drop, sailing, poker, and drinking. Slughorn is now trying to improve his carpentry skills.

Slughorn is good at drinking, especially 1000/no mugs. He has won an impressive group of trinkets, including a Hypnos doll, a sand dollar, a starfish, and blue roses. He is now setting his sights on the prizes he could win in automated swordfighting tournaments. Once he joined a special auotmated tournament, called "Castor's Junkyard Treasure". He went through to the final, but he unfortunately came in at second place. Slughorn also loves fighting skellies, but unfortunately his computer is not very good, so, regrettably, he can't join the frays very often.


Awarded Slughorn for taking first place in Drowning in a Sea of Love on February 10,2007
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Team Dragon Doubles, Third Place, Fight Club 2006
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Instead of pink elephants,this follow Slughorn home on April 10,2007 after winning drinking tourney Pink Bunnies
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