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shockedfrog is a pirate who began playing on Azure during beta testing, and exists on all current oceans. Although his name is displayed as Shockedfrog in-game due to certain limitations, it is correctly displayed as shockedfrog on the forums. His favourite puzzles are swordfighting and rumbling, which he maintains Ultimate standings in, and occasionally appears amongst the Top 10. Although he rarely pillages, preferring to spend most of his time in inns, his sailing, bilging and carpentry standings are usually Legendary.

On Viridian, shockedfrog's preferred ocean, he is the captain of A Cutlass Above The Rest. He was a quarter finalist in a familiar rumbling tournament during May 2006, and owns 3 orchids won in the automated Crouching Pirate, Hidden Kraken tournament, including 2 won on the same day.

On Azure, shockedfrog joined a number of crews, including Orange Revolution and The Salty Mouthfuls, but was never promoted to the rank of officer. shockedfrog was the former captain of A Cutlass Above The Rest, and king of its flag, The Swashbuckler Society.

On Midnight, shockedfrog formed the same crew and flag but later handed those positions to his alt, Scotfrog, and joined The Last Exiles as a senior officer. He is now the captain of DAVE. shockedfrog came 7th in Tedv's Logic Puzzle. In Lejerque's Race for the Ruined Ring event, he was a part of the Monkey Puzzle Tree team, which was named after a type of tree owned by his neighbours. The team controversially came 4th. shockedfrog reached the last 32 stage of the 8th Black Death Swordfighting Tournament.

On Sage, shockedfrog is captain of A Cutlass Above The Rest.

On Hunter, Cobalt and Ice, shockedfrog's pirate exists only for occasional visits and to safeguard the name.

On the forums, shockedfrog was a runner-up in Nemo's Prized Parrot Paintings contest with his animated entry, Trojan Island. He later created a sequel, Godmodding, which is no longer considered series canon. Plans to create a game based on the animation series, known as Puzzle Pirates Simulator, were cancelled.His other forum contributions include a spoof game topic, Social Puzzle Duel, a joke topic about Indeed which later led to the Tedvatar fad, and some Shore Leave topics designed to find a link between player names, their skills, and even the clothes they wear.

Although shockedfrog would like to win a familiar to keep but never wear, his main game goal is to run a major event, as his attempts so far have failed for various reasons despite his previous experience as the chief of the events team in another MMO.

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