The Salty Mouthfuls (Azure)

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The Salty Mouthfuls was an Azure crew in Club Fantastico, known for their signature pink bandanas. There is currently a crew by the same name that exists on the Hunter Ocean. Their name also appears on the Emperor Island monument and the Azure memorial.

Monument Text

The Salty Mouthfuls sailed the Azure seas with aplomb and derring-do. They flew the flag Club Fantastico. These pirates were known to count themselves among their ranks:

Captain Cuttenstab (Titled member)
Senior officer Avast
Senior officer Beren
Senior officer Casper
Senior officer Cuttenstabba
Senior officer Darrrla
Senior officer Hugoboom
Senior officer Peppy
Senior officer Rubby (Monarch)
Senior officer Stabbencut
Senior officer Yarrington
Officer Adante
Officer Beefeater
Officer Cheesegod
Officer Eddington
Officer Erebus
Officer Gonzago
Officer Jabbie
Officer Jethro
Officer Lazycrow
Officer Lostargo
Officer Metalgear
Officer Noah
Officer Numinous
Officer Ozwald
Officer Pogo
Officer Popeshoes
Officer Popoi
Officer Rackle
Officer Randomtask
Officer Saskatch
Officer Scupper
Officer Vestibule
Officer Vgoyne
Officer Wuntvor
Officer Xel
Pirate Bosun
Pirate Cankragon
Pirate Chris
Pirate Crackbaby
Pirate Damienchilde
Pirate Darthversace
Pirate Dreadgabe
Pirate Espug
Pirate Fjord
Pirate Garick
Pirate Greatlemur
Pirate Hector
Pirate Hotcarrl
Pirate Ironjonspicy
Pirate Jenniepc
Pirate Klownie
Pirate Kuntakinte
Pirate Leg
Pirate Machine
Pirate Maurice
Pirate Mobyzdik
Pirate Obstschnecke
Pirate Panterra
Pirate Pockets
Pirate Pushpull
Pirate Redeema
Pirate Reef
Pirate Riddley
Pirate Roneth
Pirate Root
Pirate Roshita
Pirate Sadbeard
Pirate Seacoke
Pirate Shortsword
Pirate Sicarius
Pirate Somyounguy
Pirate Spacejunk:
Pirate Swabbyjim
Pirate Syxx
Pirate Tarentel
Pirate Tgboo
Pirate Themilkman
Pirate Threep
Pirate Toplitzin
Pirate Tramun
Pirate Waful
Pirate Winterfresh
Pirate Yarrarr
Cabin person Preet