Black Rose

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Black Rose at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Saltysiren of Scandalous Stars
Member crew(s) Army Of Black Rose, Scandalous Stars
Dormant or disbanded as of 6 April, 2006

Black Rose is a flag on the Midnight Ocean. They took part in a sinking blockade when they attacked Meke Island on November 20, 2005, but were defeated by the defenders Avalon by 3 rounds to nil in a sinking fight.

Black Rose again attempted to take Meke Island on December 3, 2005, however on this occassion another contender, Notorious Fandango were victorious by taking all of the first 3 rounds in another sinking contest. They continued their quest to win an island in the Coral Archipelago when they attempted to take Angelfish Island from The Uprising on the same day. They were again unsuccessful, losing out again 3 rounds to nil to the defenders.

The flag has largely fallen dormant now, as colonisation attempts seem to have taken their toll.

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