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Saminator has been playing YPP since March 2007. He is a captain and navigator of the crew Utopic on the Hunter Ocean. He is also the king of the flag Utopia on Hunter.

On Viridian, Saminator is an officer of Phalanx and former lord of the flag Morrowind.

Accomplishments and Awards

  • Saminator held his first tournament on June 25th, 2007. It was a Rumble with a prize of a blue greeting card and blue bandana for first, and a red and tan bandana for second, with a 1000 PoE pot bonus. It was mostly a small ploy to get more workers at his stall since the card was inscribed with an advertisement. Nonetheless, it had 62 entries and marked Saminator's entry into the world of event organization.
  • On June 1st, 2007, Saminator hung up his sword, and strapped on his best pair of fancy boots as he entered the business world of YPP by opening his first stall. Along with his best mate, Ethario, he opened up an iron monger on Aimuari Island.
  • On May 28th, 2007, Saminator won 3rd place in the Happy Birthday Hunter Photographers contest held by Flocktarts and received a shipside painting furniture item.
  • About a month into his career he won Sins of the Flesh's Saiph Island Rename Event with his winning shipyard name, Ling-Ling's Luxury Liners, and was awarded his first ship, a black and white sloop named Luxury Ling Liners.
  • He has recently become very involved in holding events for his new crew mates. He has organized two highly successful poker tournaments, (one of which was at sea on his longship) a writing event and has many more in the planning stages.
  • Saminator threw most of his PoE into the purchase of a Longship on the day they came out. And since has been trying to figure out the best way to run it.
  • On November 21st, Saminator logged on to say hi to his Captain, Wonderful whom he hadn't seen in a few days. It was then that she informed him she had to take a little break from the game and made him Captain of Utopic and King of Utopia.


Saminator joined the game in March 2007 during a period of boredom and was quickly hooked on the endless puzzles and other things going on. He first entered the Hunter Ocean and once having enough money he decided he wanted to paint his little shack. Being the greenie that he was at the time he ran off to the apothecary on his home island of Quetzal and bought some paint. Only after that did he find out you need a ship to deliver the paint and only needed a paint brush to paint your house. Luckily for him he ran into a wonderfully friendly captain of the crew Chanty Raiders named Taelac. She was a wonderful help and added him to the crew to help him with his paint dilemma.

Ever since Taelac's initial kindness, Saminator has been a part of the crew and after about a month he moved up to the position of officer.

In late September of 2007 Saminator was asked to join the new, growing crew, Blood Sweat and Tears by his new hearty Wonderful. He initially turned down the offer because of his loyalty to his original crew but upon reconsideration of the fact that he was in a more active crew of the same people on Viridian and wanted an active crew on Hunter he joined up. He became a senior officer right away and began to help the crew grow. He was immediately placed in charge of making sure that all the new officers that were recruited during the crew's initial recruitment spree were up to the task of being an officer.

Not long after the crew's formation, it became apparent that the Captain was not cut out to be one. In a matter of a few days Saminator and Wonderful decided to leave the crew and start their own. Thus Utopic was created. Wonderful was the original Captain and Saminator help the position of first mate. Most of the members of Blood Sweat and Tears had more loyalty to Saminator and Wonderful and so the majority followed them to the new crew. Those who didn't would become a part of the new crew when Blood Sweat and Tears merged into Utopic within the first week of its formation.

The crew flourished and grew at an amazing rate. They created the flag Utopia in a matter of days, and their crew and flag fame soared over the first few weeks. Utopic held the #2 crew fame spot on Hunter for weeks, but has yet to surpass the 800+ member crew that holds the top spot. As Utopia grew they gained new crews and Saminator gained new mates along with it. He suddenly found himself thrown into flag politics as Utopia joined two other flags in creating their own small alliance ring.

In mid November Wonderful approached Saminator and told him she had to be gone for a while due to some real life issues. She handed Saminator the Captain and King spot where he now finds himself, trying to live up to her standards and make his crew all it can be.

He can be found on most nights pillaging on one of his two ships, hanging out with his mates, rumbling, brushing up on his navigation and memorization while doing some trade runs, or trying to figure out how to successfully navigate blockade-type situations.

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