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Morrowind at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Ittai of Sink Me
Member crew(s) Aesthete's Foot, Ganymede, Sink Me
Organization Flag council (royals and titled members)
Founded 29 July, 2005
Dormant as of 2 January, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info

Morrowind is currently a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean. It consists of many pirates and is continuously growing. Even though it may be considered a small flag in comparison to some of the super giants (those who exceed 500+ pirates), Morrowind has a large base of pillage loving individuals.

Morrowinders can be found with surprising regularity on the Viridian Ocean, usually with the shouts of "Blammo" trailing in the winds.

Public statement

For information on event blockades, see the event tab on the Surtsey Island notice board. If you don't see a jobbing notice posted by us, then we are not jobbing.

Extended public statement

BLOCKADE INFO (contact a titled member/royal to request assistance for your blockade) [Posted as available]


Flag Morrowind was originally founded by Arrelious, with the monarchy being changed in a friendly transition to Reepacheep.

===General Info=== Our flag is a fun-loving flag. Our primary purpose is to help member crews become the best they can be, through training/tips and assisting each other with pillaging. Blockade participation and assistance is a growing hobby among our fine flag.

We keep our alliances stream-lined and new alliances will be chosen with great care. Basically, if we don't know you, there's no reason for an alliance. Friends of our flag may register at our flag forum and receive limited access (

Member crews are expected to treat their people and others with respect and patience. Our pillages and Flag Officer chat are marked by clean, friendly conversation. Flag officers who wish to have a part in flag decision-making may find more information on our flag forum, where flag business is conducted. Titled members have access to the Flag Council section of our forum. We also ask that member officers *not* PvP other member ships or allied ships without previous arrangement and mutual agreement.


===Pillaging Schedule=== [being revised]

===Flag Shoppes=== When placing orders, buying and selling from yer vessel, or just lookin' fer a landlubbin' employer, please check out the list of fine establishments on our flag forum when looking to do business.


Morrowind was created on July 29, 2005, by the pirate known as Arrelious (who not by chance, enjoyed playing the game *The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind). Reepacheep, who was part of Arrelious's crew, The Elder Scrolls, was appointed monarch during a friendly change in power when Arrelious decided to move on to new endeavors.

With the change in leadership came a change in flag policies and political ties. These changes prompted some member crews to seek other flags, and new crews to join. Flag growth has never been a specific objective of Morrowind.

In June of 2006, due to the pseudo-disbanding of the flag Choking Hazard, Morrowind added three more crews (Aesthete's Foot, Go beARRRRS and Odin's Demise) to it's ranks. After these crews joined the flag, Reepacheep's crew, The Elder Scrolls, merged into Odin's Demise, with Reepacheep appointed by Odin's Demise leadership as captain of the combined crew.

On October 14th, 2006, Morrowind dropped a war chest on Labyrinth Moors at the request of island-owning flag, RiddleMakers, in order to allow them to dictate the time of an anticipated blockade to coincide with the day's numerous blockades.

On July 28, 2007, Pay for Play hosted a "Breakfast Blockade" event: sinking, five rounds, dhows and baghlahs only. Morrowind won the first three rounds, earning the first-place prize of Surtsey Island. In the first three rounds, Morrowind lost four ships (two to "friendly fire"), sank twenty-two ships, and scored 1543 points. After securing their prize, the flag withdrew from the event blockade.

Morrowind placed fourth in Artemis's "BK Bumper Boats" event, held on August 4, 2007. Click here to see the sea, teeming with ships from dozens of flags.

On August 18, 2007, Morrowind placed third in Imperial Coalition's Brig Battle Event Blockade. The non-sinking event allowed war brigs only, with a maximum of three on the board at once, no more than 20 pirates per ship, and no more than nine war brigs per flag. Morrowind placed third, with 363 points, after Antheas (428 points) and RiddleMakers (1011 points). Click here for Jolyma's official results post.

September 4, 2007 saw the new release of Atlantis. Thanks to the treasure drop skills of Odin's Demise's Senior Officer Chaosdaddy, a chart to the unknown was readily available and we were one of the first to lead a voyage to an Atlantean Outpost. Flag Morrowind sought to quickly devise strategies that would result in a balance between vessel safety, bountiful booty, and a fun and organized jobbing environment. These strategies are under constant refinement as new information regarding these treacherous waters becomes available.

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