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Stevesevere began his pirate career in late October 2005 originally spawning on the island of Kirin on the Viridian ocean. During his early pirate life he joined many crews among many different flags. He was a member of the now defunct Fighting Freebooters of the flag Imperial Coalition when he first made it to the rank of Officer.

Soon after that crew merged, His wife, Neegig and their mutual friends Stocker and Armadillosky formed the crew Confederation Storm (which later became Borealic Storm), and later the flag Nanuq. Stevesevere volunteered to be monarch of the new flag.

In late July 2006 Stevesevere decided to step down as monarch to pursue other interests so he set up a democratic system of government within the flag. In August, Kazha was elected to replace him and then later Cutthroatale succeeded him. The democratic system eventually failed due to a lack of people who were interested in becoming monarch. Stevesevere resumed control of the flag in late December until it was disbanded on June 11th, 2007. The flag later peaked at #14 on the Eminent list.

The very next day, Stevesevere founded the flag Scupper the Ringers. All of the active Nanuquian crews followed into the new flag. 3 or 4 months later, interest in the new flag had waned as some of the crews and founding members had gone on to form their own new crews/flags. A few of the remaining crews merged into Borealic Storm and the crew then decided to move back to Imperial Coalition.

Soon after joining Imperial Coalition, Stevesevere became prince. Among his contributions to date are designing the new flag forums, making avatars as a flag fund-raiser, running events and spamming the /fo chat with confusing and random comments from time to time. He briefly served as Governor of Ansel Island from 12/05/07 to 12/23/07 but was removed from the position because he had announced intentions to re-form his old flag in 2 months time.

Stevesevere also has a complete collection of all 256 available colors of fish, deals in rare atlantean clothing, has memorized the ocean, tends to docktart too much, and reportedly suffers from chronic puzzle vision.