Odin's Demise

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You may also be looking for the Malachite Ocean crew with the same name.
Odin's Demise (Viridian) at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Reepacheep (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Daresbury (Dormant), Hawkings, Kang, Lucciola, Pekisko (Dormant)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Get Off My Lawn
Founded 21 February, 2005
Last updated on 1 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Odin's Demise (Viridian).jpg

Odin's Demise (Hunter) at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Quibbler
Senior Officer(s) Bebemaster, Bullettime, Fenrir, Synnah (ALL are dormant)
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Eye
Founded 20 April, 2006
Last updated on 1 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Odin's Demise (Hunter).jpg

Odin's Demise is a crew making its home on the Emerald Ocean and the Meridian Ocean. Currently, the Emerald crew flies the flag of The Eye. Likewise, the Meridian crew flies the flag of Get Off My Lawn.

Viridian Ocean, presently the Meridian Ocean


Odin's Demise was founded by Captain Fenrir on February 21, 2005 on the former Viridian Ocean with the purpose of providing a crew where no one needed to buy doubloons with cash. At that time Odin's Demise joined with Aventurines and became the second crew in the flag Quartz Pagoda.

When Quartz Pagoda began to fall apart, Odin's Demise joined with some of the Quartz Pagoda crews and members who had left to join the flag Requiem, which was formed by Shades of Evil.

On September 27, 2005 Odin's Demise had the grand frigate Flipped-Out Wrasse renamed to Naglfar. The Naglfar is the flagship for Odin's Demise and is named after the ship in Norse mythology that was made entirely from the nails of the dead and is to lead the hordes of evil against the gods in the last war at the end of time.

On February 8, 2006, Fenrir got caught up in real life issues. He asked the crew whether they wanted a new captain, or to run as an oligarchy for awhile. The crew chose to convert to an oligarchic structure, and Fenrir was demoted to fleet officer.

On February 16, 2006, Odin's Demise left Requiem to join with Choking Hazard.

On March 22, 2006, due to the ineffective nature of oligarchic crews, Braarrent took over as captain of Odin's Demise and the crew was returned to an autocracy.

In May of 2006 Hawkings took over as captain of Odin's Demise when many of the crew's leaders transferred to Hunter. At this time Odin's Demise became oligarchic with a very manageable list of senior officers.

On June 7, 2006, Odin's Demise transferred to the flag Morrowind. Odin's Demise made this decision in concert with other crews in Choking Hazard that were also making the switch to Morrowind. In conjunction with changing flags, the crew The Elder Scrolls merged with Odin's Demise and Hawkings stepped down as captain so that Reepacheep could be named captain of the combined crew.

On October 30, 2008 Hawkings was renamed captain of Odin's Demise to take over leading the crew by replacing long time captain Reepacheep. During the proceeding six months Hawkings had been acting as the day to day leader of the crew when his friend Reepacheep had become largely inactive.


  1. Fenrir (February 2005 - February 2006)
  2. Braarrent (March 2006 - April 2006)
  3. Hawkings (May 2006 - June 2006)
  4. Reepacheep (June 2006 -October 2008)
  5. Hawkings (November 2008 - August 2009
  6. Razorback (August 2009 - 2011)
  7. Reepacheep (2011 - Present)

Flag affiliation

  1. Quartz Pagoda (February 2005 - Spring 2005)
  2. Requiem (Spring 2005 - February 2006)
  3. Choking Hazard (February 2006 - June 2006)
  4. Morrowind (June 2006 - August 9, 2010)
  5. Razor's Edge (August 9, 2010 - Unknown)
  6. Get Off My Lawn (Unknown - Present)

War record

Odin's Demise is a crew that enjoys the thrill of war. The crew welcomes opportunities to hunt and sink enemy ships whenever the crew's flag goes to war. To date, Odin's Demise war accomplishments are as follows:

Flag: Royal Empire

Duration: 6-24-2005 through 7-3-2005

Ships Sunk

  • 2 War Brigs
  • 1 Cutter
  • 2 Sloops

Ships Lost

  • None
Flag: Euphoria

Duration: 7-16-2005 through 7-26-2005

Ships Sunk

  • 1 War Brig
  • 2 Cutters

Ships Lost

  • None
Flag: Purgatory

Duration: 8-4-2005 through 8-12-2005

Ships Sunk

  • 1 Sloop

Ships Lost

  • None
Flag: RiddleMakers

Duration: 8-19-2005 through 8-29-2005

Ships Sunk

  • 1 War Brig

Ships Lost

  • 2 Sloops
Flag: Pheonix Rising

Duration: 8-26-2005 through 9-8-2005

Ships Sunk

  • 1 War Brig

Ships Lost

  • None
Flag: Pay for Play

Duration: 12-2-2005 through 12-6-2005

Ships Sunk

  • 1 War Brig
  • 1 Cutter
  • 6 Sloops

Ships Lost

  • None

Public statement

Odin's Demise was founded with the purpose of providing a crew whose pirates do not need to purchase Doubloons with cash, and to provide mates with a fun place to be pirates and make friends. To this end the crew runs regular highly profitable pillages some of which are high skill Kraken's Blood pillages.

Odin's Demise has strict promotion standards that will not be waived. The crew is not elitist or exclusive but does desire excellence in its crewmates. The crew trains mates to be highly skilled pirates and officers. All officers in the crew will gladly help mates attain the requirements for advancement. Promotions are handled through our crew forum (link posted in private statement).

>>> Information found on our forum supercedes that found in the crew articles. <<<

Do not let crew requirements deter you from joining the crew. Crew booty shares are always even so you won't be missing out on making PoE while you are working towards advancement. If you are a highly motivated pirate that desires to make piles of PoE and have a lot of fun, let one of the crew's officers know and join up today. We can help you along the way with training, puzzle tips, and encouragement.

Promotion requirements

Requirements to become a Pirate:

  1. Register on the crew forum, read the Crew Guidelines post, and post there stating you have read it.
  2. Attain Grand-Master in one Duty Puzzle (sail, carpentry, gunning and bilge) and Renowned in at least one other.
  3. Attain Renowned in Sword Fighting and Rumbling.
  4. Be sponsored for promotion by two crew Officers.

Requirements to become an Officer:

  1. Attain Broad experience in all five Duty Puzzles.
  2. Attain Broad experience in Sword Fighting and Rumbling, and an ocean-wide standing of renowned or higher in both.
  3. Attain Grand-Master in two Duty Puzzles.
  4. Attain Master in all other Duty Puzzles.
  5. Read about Navy Brigand Missions and the Officer Training Manual located on the crew forums.
  6. Attain Narrow/Respected in battle navigation using Navy Brigand Mission.
  7. Be sponsored for promotion by two crew Fleet Officers. (for Midshipman status)
  8. Successfully complete Officer Training (for full officer status), which includes running a four-battle test pillage. A successful test pillage is as follows: Inflict maximum damage on at least two of the ships you face and win three out of the four battles.

Requirements to become a Fleet Officer:

  1. Attain Legendary in at least two duty puzzles.
  2. Have been registered at our crew forums for a period of at least two weeks.
  3. Attain Broad/Grand-Master in battle navigation.
  4. Be sponsored for promotion by two crew Senior Officers.

External links

Current crew forums are located at the Flag Morrowind Forums
Original Odin's Demise Forums

Hunter Ocean, presently Emerald Ocean


Odin's Demise was founded on April 20, 2006 by Fenrir on the former Hunter Ocean.


  1. Fenrir (April 2002-???)
  2. Desdimona
  3. Bebemaster (???-???)
  4. Quibbler (???-present)

Crew articles

If any member of the crew fails to adhere to the following rules, they will be expelled from the crew.

  1. Do not cheat.
  2. Don't Spam, Don't Beg
  3. Treat *all* pirates in the game with respect.
  4. Do not fight over crew chat.
  5. Follow the orders of your superiors.
  6. Always ask Permission to Board (PTB)

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin Person: There are no stat requirements to be a cabin person in this crew. However, cabin persons are expected to behave in a fashion acceptable for crew standards.
  • Pirate: Pirates in our crew are expected to perform at a level sufficient for "elite" sloop runs. If an officer should take out a sloop filled with only pirates of our crew, they should not have issues with damage, bilge, or sail tokens. These are the stat requirements for becomming a pirate in our crew:
    • Two of the duty puzzles must be ranked Grand-Master or higher. Duty puzzles include bilge, carpentry, sailing and gunning.
    • In addition to the stat requirements, you must act according to expectations on a ship. For example, you must stay on station without being asked. You must show that you ask for and recieve permission before swapping stations. You must not leave during battle. You should not ask questions like "When do we port?" and "Will I get paid if I leave the ship?". You should understand the basics of teaming in sea battle.
    • Do not ask an officer for a reccomendation. They will be given to pirates who are ready for the promotion.
  • Officer: The stat requirements for officership in this crew can be *very* difficult to obtain. Exceptions will not be made. The requirements are:
    • Two duty puzzles ranked Legendary or higher
    • Zero puzzles on the Piracy side ranked below Master
    • Even more so than for the rank of pirate, the behavior of officers in our crew *must* reflect well on our crew. Officers who mistreat crewmates or jobbers, or who behave poorly in the inns or other public places in Hunter will not be tolerated.
    • In addition to meeting the stat requirements, and exhibiting behavior fitting of our crew, candidates for officership must go through training with one of the SOs in the crew. (Not all SOs do officer training.)
    • Finally, officers in this crew must own a sloop. Officers in this crew are expected to sail their own ships most of the time. As such, candidates for officership should have the deed to a sloop.
    • Officers should not run brig or frigate pillages without permission.
  • Fleet Officer: All Senior Officers must approve for an officer to be promoted to Fleet Officer. This position is reserved for officers who are allowed to run brig and frigate pillages. Fleet Officers must also show a certain level of activity and interest in crew affairs.
  • Senior Officer: This position will be given out by the captain as needed. All Senior Officers are expected to contribute to the crew in significant ways. Senior Officers will most likely be asked to take on a specific set of extra responsibilities that will be different for each SO. If you are an Officer or Fleet Officer in the crew who would like to be more active in setting crew policies and helping the crew run, feel free to let the captain know.

External links

Crew and flag forums are located at The Eye