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Isza is an officer in Goddess of Chaos that sails the Sage Ocean.



Deciding "if you can't beat them, join them" after watching her true love Zod participate in blockade after blockade on the weekends, Isza reluctantly washed ashore on Sage in the middle of October 2008. Unimpressed and somewhat overwhelmed, it wasn't until this future addict discovered Atlantis, Cursed Isles, trinkets, trophies, and forum-based Events! that she dug in her fancy boots and embraced the game wholeheartedly.

She began her journey as an officer with the The Sons of Jor-El. In January of 2010, she joined Goddess of Chaos. Isza can be found quite often splitting her time amongst pillaging with her hearties or haunting the Inn on Admiral in search of trinkets to add to her ever-growing collection. Falling in love with maroon and orange, she quickly deemed these her "signature colors" and - unless on special occasion, such as holidays - will never be spied in anything but.

Second only to her passion as a trinket trollop, Isza has found herself drawn to the event forums. Having this entirely new playground to explore has proven a true creative outlet for this prolific pirate. Her entries have garnered her everything from inscribed trinkets to OM eggs – and even a familiar! This new world of arts and crafts coupled coupled with the digital art pad Zod gave her inspired her to dive into the world of avatar creation and she opened her shoppe with her first style in November of 2009.

She won her first familiar – a violet octopus – in April of 2009 in an event forum competition for scrapbooking, fulfilling Zod's prediction that she would win a familiar before he did.


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