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Isabellgrace, (also known as Izzie to her mates), is a senior officer of the crew Good Omens and princess of the flag Riot on the Midnight Ocean.


Isabellgrace began her piracy career in early 2006, as a member of the crew Bootyful Bandits, under the direction of their Captain Karin. Also members of this crew were friends Jemisica and Enlea, both real-life friends of Isabellgrace. They sailed with Karin for 2 months, before moving to create their own crew.

On March 5, 2006, the crew Red Herring was founded by Jemisica, with Izzie moving to the rank of senior officer. Soon after reaching the required fame level, the crew began their own flag Pillaging Corps. In summer 2006, Jemisica was no longer able to commit to the responsibilities of captaincy, and Isabell stepped in, becoming captain. In February, 2007, after a brief hiatus (to make time for school), Isabell and the mates of Red Herring dissolved their flag, and found a home in Elysian Fields, where Isabell quickly rose to the rank of princess.

After nearly a year with Elysian Fields, the officers of Red Herring found that they no longer felt that it was the best place for them. On 23 December 2007 they created the flag Pandemonium where they were joined by long-time mates of the crew Barnacle for Brains. Isabellgrace was a princess of Pandemonium. Shortly after the creation of the flag, Pandemonium attacked Frond Island, the first Island owned by Elysian Fields, where they lost due to jobber numbers.

Subsequently, Barnacle for Brains separated from the flag, looking for other opportunities within the ocean. Red Herring also decided to move on, finding a home in Riot, where many of the mates had already made close hearties. In joining the new flag, Isabell was taken on as a princess as the crew's royal representative, where she remains.

Noteworthy accomplishments

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