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Chrisspy sails the Midnight Ocean.


Chrisspy joined the Midnight Ocean in the summer of 2004. He was most closely associated with the crew Birds of Prey and its founder, Sircourtney, although he also tried to start up his own small crew at one point. When his crew and flag started to slow down in activity, he too left the ocean for some time.

He returned to Midnight again in March of 2006, and soon joined the crew Lunar Eclipse. He rose to fleet officer before starting to miss the small-crew environment he had in the "old days."

He and his damsel Kiwhee founded the crew Barnacle for Brains, taking a couple people from Lunar Eclipse and rejoining the flag Blue's Royals under Bluefinn. This crew eventually left to co-found the flag Don't ask for barnacle along with the crew Don't ask to port.

After the explosion of Don't ask to port, Chrisspy was instrumental in the creation of the temporary event flag Faminto por Cerebros, which was created to build up fame for two weeks before blockading Faminto por Sangue at Orca Island. The intent was to raffle off the island to one of the allied attackers, but Chrisspy's admiraling efforts failed to secure a win despite attracting a large amount of attention.

Next, he served as Prince of the flag Elysian Fields and navigated in their December 2, 2006 blockade victory at Ostreum Island.

He then helped start up the event flag Incredible, and served as its king while it ran some high-profile events and then a low-cost blockade.

Chrisspy posted his "goodbye" message in Midnight Parley on April 28, 2007.