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Elleana first washed ashore on the ocean of Midnight under the name Elizabethswn in the early days of 2006, living on the island of Epsilon. After spending several moons there, she sailed to the Sage Ocean in 2007, intent to raise her station. However, she continues to maintain her former name, and can occasionally be found wandering around Epsilon and the neighbouring islands, or their various inns.

She currently holds the rank of captain and the title of diplomat in the Emerald Ocean crew Whimsy and Caprice. Her flagship is the Mark I sloop Nightingale's Bane.


Since piratical infancy- minus a short stay on Wensleydale- Elleana has made her home on Admiral Island, living in every dwelling from shack to townhouse. However, upon joining the Perilous Puppets in 2012, she and her rodent companion, Odis Moriarty (affectionately known as Odie), moved to the Stork Archipelago for a time, affording them greater proximity to the crew's epicentre on Bowditch.

Elleana devotes most of her time to Kraken slaying, preferring its intricate dance of subtle moves to the start/stop of SMH, and has even been known to mount attacks unassisted, focusing her attention on ink and cuttle boxes. In lieu of swashbuckling adventures, Ell spends her spare time carousing at Admiral's infamous inn, Sho Girls, and can usually be found by the poker table. In the past, she was also known to make many an appearance at those more intimate gatherings such as auctions, weddings, or the classic estate party.

In Autumn 2015, Ell and Odie moved back to Admiral. As of Christmas 2017, they can still be reached at their sumptuously decorated home in the Caddyshack tenements.


On Sage
  • Reached ocean in 2007
  • Accepted into The Kracken's Demise, run by Dragoneth and her then-close friend, Jackeru (now known as Diomedes), as an officer
  • Switched allegiance to Zool of Chaotic Phaonix after Demise became dormant, maintaining the rank of officer
  • In 2008, she acquired the Good Sawfish and formed a small crew, The Nereids; she also received her first injury that year, sacrificing an eye to an SMH sink

Following a sabbatical from the game which started in mid-2010 and lasted nearly a year, Elleana returned to the ocean of Sage in 2011 to once again wreak havoc. Although she hoped to bring The Nereids into glory and distance herself from the defunct flag, Brigand King Empire, it was not to be. This resulted in yet another disappearance.

On Emerald
  • Returned to Y!PP in early 2012, only to be surprised/heartbroken that her beloved Sage had become part of Emerald
  • Disbanded the now defunct Nereids and sold the Sawfish in May 2012
  • Gained her second injury, a hook, during a day of blockading in October; it was healed less than a month later
  • Contacted Tilinka in November 2012 after being friended during a late-night SMH with Nightbear; the two settled on terms, and Elleana was admitted into the crew, Perilous Puppets, under the legendary puppet master known for her infamous Ultimatum and Further Demands
  • In December 2012, Elleana purchased a townhouse on Bowditch Island to be closer to the Puppet's headquarters, but later sold this residence and purchased a more modest bungalow on neighbouring Scrimshaw
  • Having crossed a much larger ocean (the Atlantic) in August 2013 and arrived in the Old World, Elleana was absent for much of the remaining year but reappeared in June 2014, intent to parlay with her crew
  • In August 2014, Elleana was subjected to a ban, after it was believed that she had been compromised; the investigation revealed no problems and she was quickly reinstated
  • After three years away from the Gull archipelago, Ell began to miss her old stomping ground, and in Summer 2015 promptly sold her bungalow on Scrimshaw to set up a new long-term residence on Admiral
  • On 2 December 2015, Ell absconded from the Puppets and formed her second crew, Whimsy and Caprice, using funds from her Kraken hunting ventures
  • In August 2017, Elleana celebrated her 10 year anniversary sailing the oceans of Y!PP


  • Ell will only shop for furniture at Lock, Stock and Barrel on Admiral (she may, however, buy from other retailers)