Perilous Puppets

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Perilous Puppets at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Tilinka
Senior Officer(s) Bullseyebud, Megomargo, Softlydoesit, Chrkut (dormant), Gohannomore (dormant), Marisu (dormant), Vibrissae (dormant), Ynahteb (dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Sewing Circle
Founded 11 September, 2005
Last updated on 7 December, 2015
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Perilous Puppets is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of The Sewing Circle.


Perilous Puppets was founded in the year 2005 on September 11 by Tilinka and Rasputina. Shortly after founding the crew, they decided that in order to foster a creative and humorous social environment, the crew would integrate poetry into it's promotion requirements. Members of the Perilous Puppets have run numerous events on Sage and the forums, and in September 2015, the crew celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Past Flag Affiliations

Public Statement

Wise sailors had better beware all us

They know they can't compare to us

We plunder and harm

With grammatical charm

For we are the Puppets Perilous!

Extended Public Statement

This crew exists To you bewitch With literary fun and games.

We love to play With words - all day! And so have earned ourselves strange fames.

Our wits are quick - Fast as our sticks - Though simple sense oft lags behind.

Still it is true Friends never rue When with the Puppets themselves they find.

Sariel is a Puppet with wit and a grin! Our poetry contest she did win Her title to keep Rivals she must beat So for "Poet" please keep challenging.

Crew Rules

An Exercise in Rhymed Couplet and Haiku.

1. Fellow pirates treat

With respect -greenhorn or salt

Likewise landlubbers.

2. Before boarding a ship at port or sea

Ask "Permission to Board" or PtB.

3. Shift and punctuate.

Graceful communication

Calms wrathful captain.

4. If you stop having fun

Go and drink some more rum.

Promotion Basics

To Cabin Person: Anyone who works hard and has a basic comprehension of how the "shift" key works is welcome to join. Just ask during the pillage and you will be invited when we port. Be forewarned! This crew promotes based on three things - attitude, word play, and skills, in that order.

To Pirate: At least three piracy duty puzzle with narrow experience. None of these should have a standing of able. You should also have some experience with gunning, and you will need to write a rhyming couplet or haiku to be presented over crew chat in the presence of at least one Senior Officer. A standing of ocean-wide Master or higher in gunning *may* trump the experience requirements.

Officer promotion is detailed in our private statement. No one unknown to the crew is promoted directly to officer upon joining, though advancement can be rapid.

Retired Senior Officers

External Links

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