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Navy Rank
Lieutenant Commander

Crickket is currently captain of the crew Wargasm and princess of the flag Plan B on the Emerald Ocean.

Flag membership / achievements

Love affair with an island

In November of 2011 Crickket was entrusted with the governorship of Cryo Island. Crickket quickly relocated to the island and began spending more and more time chirping around the island.

With the release of penguins at the end of the year she began to spend even more time on the island populating it with as many penguins as the island would allow. These penguins soon became the vicious guardians of the island most dismissed as a useless rock.

The more time Crickket spent with the island the more attached she became until it was evident the island had taken on human like qualities bringing personification to the ultimate level.

Crickket not only frequently updated the islands events but also began obsessively updating and maintaining the island's wiki page. She was also known to regularly run blockade events, in which she was usually the only participant, in order to play in the whirlpools.


Crickket is very much an introvert. She has surrounded herself with a few trusted hearties, including her longtime friend and crew mates Vampirealexa and Salvatrucha. Finding new people intimidating and frequently making awkward comments or jokes only she finds funny Crickket tends to stick close to those she knows. Her hearty list, which floats around 12, reflects this.

Crickket’s puzzling passion has always been carpentry. It remains one of the only puzzles she excels at and the main reason she is able to get hired on high stakes voyages. Crickket also enjoys navigating sloops into blockades. Her erratic navving and fear of not getting another ship should she sink tends to keep her ship floating near the flags. 2013 Crickket began memming the ocean in order to be able to move ships bought on the Hunter side of Emerald to Cryo without having to ask someone to chart for her.


Crickket currently owns a fleet of Guppies, most of which sit in port at Cryo in case of an attack. Favoring the ease of navigating sloops she actively collects and renames the limited edition sloops. Many of these have been gifts from Salvatrucha. The remainder of her fleet has been renamed and all ships that are not limited edition have been painted.

Following the advice of one of her heroines Admiral Grace Hopper who said, “A ship in port is safe but that is not what ships are built for.” Crickket frequently enters her guppies in kades at Cryo and elsewhere around the ocean.

The Malicious Guppy and Bionic Guppy, her two favorites, are often at sea in Cricket's attempt to memorize the ocean.


  • Milo, a tan octopus is a reference to the Southern California punk band the Descendents.
  • Fay, an aqua sea horse has taken up residence with Crickket while waiting for her true owner, Viator's return.


Crickket owns a collection of limited edition cats, including the ghost cat that can frequently be seen following her. She is also the caretaker of the penguins that inhabit Cryo Island. The penguins are quite irrational and unpredictable making them unsuitable for the traditional title of pets.