Laboratory X

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Laboratory X
Right-facing Apothecary on
Cryo Island (Puffin Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Crickket
Manager(s) Plu, Xzaroshey, Salvatrucha
Erected June 8, 2013
Dusted as of October 2014
Building-Emerald-Laboratory X.png

Laboratory X was an apothecary shoppe on Cryo Island of the Emerald Ocean.

Laboratory X was established to deal with the abundance of yarrow spawning on the island. It replaced the unused shipyard which had been vandalized and dismantled by the island’s penguins. The naming of the apothecary occurred as a result of the conversation recorded below.

Crickket says, "We need a name that connected to cryogenics, physics, liquefied gases, milling maybe…. Related but that pushes the line of appropriateness. Uh Laboratory ..."
Plu says, "Now X will stop whining about not having a drug lab."
Crickket says, "Laboratory X is perfect!"

However, the building was given a misspelled name, "Labratory X". When questioned about this discrepancy, Capndino remarked "makes it cool." The building was renamed on July 28, 2013. The building dusted sometime before October 2014.

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