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Cailoo is a pirate on the Sage Ocean.


Cailoo started this game on Thursday the 17th of November, 2005. After a short period in various crews, he ended up in the crew Shark Raiders. He grew up there, making much friends and much progress in his puzzle standing. After one month he was promoted to fleet officer, and in short time, thanks to his friends Cris and Aapje, even to senior officer. In the late of March, Cailoo decided to create his own crew, which he named The Rum Runners. He failed in doing that, and after a short while in the The Jolly Rogers, he went to the Leviathans Requiem. After a long time of joy and happiness and great booty, the crew joined the flag Mind Games. After a hard time with colliding characters, Cailoo decided it was time for a change again. He left the crew and joined Everlasting Fun And Booty. This didn't work out too well either, and he left for Jack Aces, and together with T-N-T made a lot of noise on the oceans.

After a row with the captain of that time, Cailoo fell back to Leviathans Requiem. After a disagreement and a lot of misunderstandings, Cailoo started up his own crew, together with Arctic and Chiara. The crew was named Carpe Jugulum and had become a strong crew within a few weeks. Here Cailoo stayed until a better opportunity presented itself.

After a long absence from the game, Cailoo now runs Leviathans Requiem and is prince of Tea and Strumpets.


  • Captain of Gone Fishing
  • Former captain and gunner of Carpe Jugulum
  • Former lord of the flag Tea and Strumpets
  • #1 poker on 30-12-2005
  • #1 SF on 29-03-2007
  • #1 Guns on 17-06-2006
  • #1 Rumble on 14-01-2009
  • Former senior officer of Jack Aces
  • Former fleet officer and damsel of Everlasting Fun and Booty
  • Former member of the flag La Navidad
  • Former senior officer and lieutenant of Leviathans Requiem
  • Former prince of the flag Blaze of Glory
  • Former captain of the Rum Runners
  • Former senior officer of the Shark Raiders