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T-N-T at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Halibut of Just For The Halibut
Member crew(s) Just For The Halibut
Founded 12 December, 2005
Retired as of 19 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

T-N-T is a retired flag on the Emerald Ocean. It was created by Lefty and Akerasi on December 12, 2005.

T-N-T officially retired in July 2008, as seen in the public statement. The flag has not been deleted due to a decision by the ex-monarch, Kait, to keep T-N-T around for historical reasons.

Public statement

TNT has retired! Thanks for the memories!

Extended public statement

The fuse has been lit....

We're T-N-T.... and we'll win the fight!

If ye feel that your crew has the skill to fly the flag... contact any royal and let them know you are interested in adding a little spark to your daily diet! But keep in mind, we are only looking for skilled, dedicated, and mature crews. If you don't fit the bill, we'll probably just laugh at you... or show you the business end of our cannons.

All alliance requests will be returned with a War Dec! We also don't take kindly to poachin'! So keep your flag invites away from the crews of T-N-T, or a War Dec be' on it's way!

Dynamite comes in small packages, but when ye light the fuse...



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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 3 June 2006 Penobscot I Attacking uncolonized yes none vs. T-N-T, Les Aristocrates 0:0:3 Didn't win island
2 15 July 2006 Ashkelon II Attacking yes United Sage Forces vs. T-N-T 0:3 Won island
3 14 January 2007 Halley VI Attacking yes Bakers Union vs. T-N-T, League of Light, Rogues of Sage, Candy Coated Chaos 0:1:2:0:0 Lost event
4 17 February 2007 Kashgar I Attacking uncolonized yes none vs. T-N-T 0:3 Won island
5 21 April 2007 Kashgar II Defending no T-N-T vs. Passive Aggression 3:2 Defended island
6 19 May 2007 Ashkelon III Defending no T-N-T vs. Honor Above All 3:0 Defended island
7 2 June 2007 Caravanserai VII Attacking no Verus Fidelitas vs. T-N-T 0:3 Won island
8 7 July 2007 Caravanserai VIII Brigand King Attack yes T-N-T vs. Jinx 0:3 Lost island
9 22 July 2007 Kashgar III Defending no T-N-T vs. ImmortalPiratesOfDestiny 3:1 Defended island
10 22 July 2007 Basset IX Attacking no Eternal Glory vs. T-N-T 3:0 Didn't win island
11 1 September 2007 Kashgar IV Defending yes T-N-T vs. Raving Notion 3:1 Defended island
12 13 October 2007 Ashkelon IV Brigand King Attack yes T-N-T vs. Jinx 3:1 Defended island
13 3 November 2007 Kashgar V Brigand King Attack yes T-N-T vs. Jinx 3:2 Defended island
14 8 December 2007 Ashkelon V Brigand King Attack yes T-N-T vs. Jinx 3:0 Defended island
15 26 January 2008 Ashkelon XV Defending no T-N-T vs. Undeclared 3:0 Defended island
16 1 March 2008 Kent XIV Attacking yes Notorious vs. T-N-T 3:0 Didn't win island
17 9 March 2008 Kashgar VI Defending yes T-N-T vs. Notorious 0:3 Lost island
18 5 April 2008 Ashkelon VII Defending no T-N-T vs. Insomnia 3:1 Defended island
19 27 April 2008 Ashkelon XV Defending no T-N-T vs. Cocktail Party 1:3 Lost island

Note: The Halley blockade in January 2007 was part of the The Great 24 hour Ocean Blockades.



  • Onefinger organized T-N-T's attack at The Great 24 hour Ocean Blockades event at Halley Island. T-N-T placed 2nd, choosing Kashgar Island to open as part of the prize.
  • Kait took over the monarchy from Onefinger, on February 8, 2007.
  • Flag with the 2nd longest continuous stretch of island ownership on Sage.
  • Mid-2007, T-N-T reached it's largest at over 600 members.
  • For a few days at least, T-N-T held the #2 spot on the flag fame list with Illustrious.
  • After winning Kashgar I, the fort, Trinitrotoluene, and the distillery, The Powder Keg, were placed. Both were named in relation to T-N-T.
  • While holding Caravanserai, in addition to upgrading the palace, Desert Rose, T-N-T placed the following shoppes: Dhow Ya Think I'm Sexy, Bohemian Rhumsody, Ready to Rum, Golden Loom, and Steel the Night Away.

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