Jack Aces

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Jack Aces at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Kait
Senior Officer(s) Alinoe, Annihilation, Benzz, Caitiri, Corydonn, Crazyfighter, Croket, Crustypete, Cutiepierate, Dantez, Escapedeath, Etotheeyepie, Fatewind, Feandil, Lykojeyot, Magston, Mcfunky, Mizen, Montage, Myngs, Nautica, Onefinger, Oxen, Prittie, Rubia, Scaevola, Taliana, Thedproberts, Uvus
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation T-N-T
Founded 16 October, 2006
Dormant or disbanded as of 30 July, 2008

Jack Aces is a crew that sails the Sage Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of T-N-T.


Jack Aces was founded on 16 October, 2006 by Kait, Cutiepierate and Onefinger, out of a joint love of poker, pillaging, and general goofing off.

Onefinger and Cutiepierate belonged to the crew, Northstar Revolution, which was without a captain at the exact same time Kait was looking at other options for her piratey career. Hayur and Bermuda, of the crew Lunar Tide, also friends to Onefinger, desired to be in a much larger and active crew.

Meetings were held amongst this group of pirates in the basement of Cutiepierate's manor on Caravanserai Island. After much deliberation, it was decided a fresh start was needed for all. So, Kait, left PFRC, after giving a teary goodbye, to found Jack Aces. Northstar Revolution, followed by Lunar Tide were among the first crews to merge into Jack Aces.

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