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Bunnyspawn was a pirate on the Viridian Ocean, and is now a pirate on the Malachite Ocean.


On Viridian
On Malachite


Bunnyspawn is now a pirate on the Malachite Ocean. He is adept in nearly every puzzle, with a slight exception for the navigation puzzles (his stat may not be past able, but he is still good.)

Bunnyspawn left the Viridian Ocean to seek new potential in Malachite. He started off in the crew The Akatsuki, quickly passing through the ranks (he made first mate in a week), and coming to take a royalty position in Runescapien's flag, Admiral's Domain.

Bunnyspawn scouted through alliances, then left for a fellow senior officer's crew, Warrior's fo Life. The captain was Deathbeardt. Also within the same flag, he took the royalty position back. He stayed there for about a month, trying to gain alliances, and dealing with crew issues. At that time, he slowly started gaining immense friendship with the senior officers of the crew Phoenix Ascension. Bunnyspawn helped them through their crew and flag trouble. Bunnyspawn, or Bunny, as he is sometimes known, later left Warrior's Fo Life.

Bunny then left to join Phoenix Ascension as a pirate, although his stats surpassed nearly everyone there, up to fleet officer. He slowly warmed his way up to the entire crew (aside from Alise, Lewwyn,and Saltypaws, now the main leaders of the crew and flag, who he already had immense friendship with). He quickly rose to fleet officer, and made many changes within the crew. He now resides with Phoenix Ascension, making up the behind the shadows group. He later rose to Senior Officer, titled, and then Royalty of Lighthouse Beacon. Eventually,He left to join the crew Celestia under Naughty Nerds as a fleet officer.

While in Celestia, Bunny gained many friends, and an immense friendship with many. Eventually, an old captain of his joined the Malachitean community, Atennis. He and Bunny teamed up to create a crew named Barbarossa Brothers, which was later led as a trio effort with Durahan. The rejoined the flag Naughty Nerds and satyed there for a while. A decent time later, Bunny left to go join a friend's crew, Dynasty, run by captain Gallo.

He joined as a senior officer in Dynasty in the prospects of helping create a rush through the ocean. Bunny maintains the politics of the crew.

He then became captain when the previous captain Gallo went inactive. Bunnyspawn has naved in many cades, and at least two on each dub ocean.