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Runescapien is a pirate on the Malachite Ocean. He is the captain of The Akatsuki and king of the flag Bloody Bones on the Malachite Ocean.



Runescapien discovered the world of puzzling and piracy from the world of another game. He first served as a pirate under the fine command of Kaguax, in the crew The Dirty Dozen. However, when he purchased his ship, it took him two days to be promoted to the mere rank of officer.

Runescapien could see that he had no potential in The Dirty Dozen, and accepted an officer position in another crew, The Akatsuki. A week later, he was a fleet officer, and later that day he accepted a senior officer position from the captain, who at that time was Shiinto.

A few months passed, and Runescapien lived as normal. Then his best friend on Puzzle Pirates, and his captain, stole a lot of money. Runescapien was devastated. He quit PP for over 2 weeks as he was annoyed at Shiinto betraying him and their crew. After Runscapien returned, he found himself the only senior officer that was still active. He then promoted himself to captain, and has served The Akatsuki ever since.

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